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'GH': To Marrow Never Dies

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Hope flirted with Wyatt, whom she sees as a hero because he prevented the thieves from stealing the Hope For The Future diamond. After hearing Wyatt and Ricardo talking about the near-heist, Liam suspected the incident didn't go down the way Wyatt said it did. Wyatt and Liam made it clear to each other that they both want Hope. Bill pleaded his case for returning home to Katie, stating that his brush with death made him realize how much he wants to be with her and Will. Katie gave in when Bill said he only wanted her and that he was glad to be home.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Brady didn't believe Kristen's claim that Eric seduced her. Brady later confronted Eric, and the brothers got into a fight after Brady insinuated that Eric wasn't Kristen's "victim." Wanting revenge against Marlena for showing the sex video, Kristen held her at gunpoint, but ended up backing off. Nicole confronted Kristen over what she did to Eric, and for letting him think that Nicole was the one who had drugged and raped him. Nicole rejected Eric's apology for accusing her of the heinous act against him. Nicole and Kristen's violent argument over Kristen's crime led to a car accident. Sami kicked E.J. out of the bedroom after finding out that he knew what Kristen had done to Eric. Jordan told a mystery caller that she's tired of running and is staying in Salem. Gabi told Will and Sonny that modeling agent Casey McGraw offered her a contract, but didn't mention it would eventually mean moving to New York City.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: At Franco's gallery showing, Sonny confronted Morgan about bugging his home, and Morgan announced that he was working against Sonny with Ava and Derek (Julian). Sonny told everyone at the gallery that Derek is really Julian Jerome, who had been in a witness protection program. Sam, who arrived with Silas, was stunned when Julian admitted that he's her father, and told her that if Sonny killed him he wouldn't be able to donate bone marrow to be used in case Danny relapsed. Michael and Morgan got into a fight on the dock, and Michael ended up in the river after Morgan sucker-punched him. Carly and Franco arrived, and Franco saved Michael's life. Franco was shocked to learn that Heather is his mother and Scott is his father. Patrick was on his way to the hospital lab, unaware that Robin was inside, working on the cure to save Jerry's life. The custody suit over Connie got off to a down and dirty start.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Nikki held a Veterans Day charity event at The Underground to honor all veterans. Dylan reluctantly attended the event at Stitch's urging, after Avery agreed to go with him for support. Victor was puzzled when Nikki hugged Dylan after his arrival at the event. Everyone at the event was surprised when Victor announced that the veterans present could apply to Newman-Chancellor Industries for jobs. The gumshoe whom Victor hired to look into Delia's hit-and-run said he was tracking down a partial license plate number of an SUV seen at the accident site. Chelsea told Victoria that Adam has some "contacts" looking for the hit-and-run driver (Adam). Billy wrote about losing Delia in a chat room used by other parents who have lost children. Devon refused to help Jack and Jill, who wanted him to accept the job Victor offered him in order to spy on Victor and help them wrest Chancellor back from Victor's control.

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