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You've Gone Too Far This Time, Brooke

We have always been fans of Brooke on "The Bold and the Beautiful." She is probably the most polarizing character on the show. We always felt that Brooke's transgressions were either within acceptable boundaries or were accidental -- although Brooke's tryst with her daughter's husband was a hard one to swallow. At the time, we bought the extenuating circumstances. We bought them all.

But now she has gone too far.

"B&B" did a good job of building the relationship between Bill and Brooke. Former enemies turned to supportive allies. When Katie abandoned her baby, the bond created between Brooke and Bill in caring for his child was realistic. Katie even put her stamp of approval on the pair when she developed postpartum depression. When Bill was there for Brooke after Stephanie died, and Ridge was not, their coming together seemed natural. Brooke has always been one to lean on a man in times of stress -- usually the wrong man, if Ridge is not around. (Yes, we were always in the Brooke and Ridge camp, as well.)

Katie eventually came to her senses, and Brooke has barely mentioned Stephanie in months. The pairing with Bill remains. This time, we are not cheering Brooke on. Brooke continuing her relationship with Bill after Katie's return is akin to kicking a puppy. Since her heart transplant, we have enjoyed watching Katie grow. When she was first with Bill, we watched her help him be a better man. She turned a wimpy character into a driving force. Yet, she has always lived in Brooke's shadow. She was the mousy one while Brooke was the beautiful and charismatic one. She idolized her big sister.

When Katie found out the extent of Brooke's relationship with Bill, she did not fail to let Brooke have it. Those scenes were riveting, and she was right. The old "blood is thicker than water" adage holds true. We do not care how deep the attraction between Bill and Brooke was, she should have fought it. Katie deserved that from her sister. There is no wiggle room here.

We cannot wait until Ridge comes back to town, for many reasons. Ridge and Brooke will always find their way back to each other, and we wanted that for Brooke. When Ridge exited the show, it was not even believable. We assumed Ronn Moss, who played the character from Day One, would eventually return. Yet Ridge did not return, not even for his mother's funeral. Finally, it appears that he will come back, but he will be played by Thorsten Kaye.

We never thought we would accept another actor as Ridge, but Kaye is a "wow" of a choice. Moss and Kaye bear absolutely no resemblance to each other. Viva la difference. Moss has always been an imposing presence on screen, but Kaye is not only imposing but an amazing actor who draws the viewer into his hypnotic web. We know we will be seeing a different character once Ridge returns to the canvas, and we cannot wait to see what Kaye brings to the table.

We find it unbelievable to say this, but we hope Ridge does not find his way back to Brooke. Lately, Bill has been having some mighty cozy times with Katie and the baby. Is it inconceivable that Brooke will find herself out in the cold? Right now, we hope so.

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