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'GH': If You Can't Join 'Em, Polonium

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Wyatt told Hope that he loves her and only her. Liam showed up just as Wyatt was kissing Hope. Liam was upset to see that Hope wasn't wearing his engagement ring. Hope told Liam that it was obvious he still had feelings for Steffy since he had sent her a tribute video similar to the one he sent Hope. Hope broke off their engagement, but Liam later begged her for a second chance. Wyatt learned that Quinn had emailed Hope the video that Liam made for Steffy. Maya searched for Rick after learning that he's engaged to Caroline. Bill told Katie that she would ruin Spencer Publications.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Marge shot Chad when he jumped in front of E.J., who was her real target. Chad was rushed to the hospital where Daniel, with help from Cameron, performed the surgery. Daniel was able to bring Chad back after he flat-lined. Marge told the police that she didn't mean to shoot Chad. Daniel and Eric were about to look at the flash drive (containing Kristen and Eric's sex video) that Parker found in the park when Daniel got the call about Chad's shooting. Eric learned that the woman he ran into at the motel where he was drugged was named Fay (Kristen in disguise). Kate checked into Jordan's past after realizing how close Jordan and Rafe have become. Kristen and Marlena got into another fight after Kristen taunted Marlena with the news that Eric had agreed to preside at her and Brady's wedding. Brady told Nicole that their friendship is over. Jennifer and Abigail arrived at J.J.'s court hearing for causing damage to the town square.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Using Jerry's cellphone, Robin called Patrick, but the phone's battery went dead after he answered. Sabrina suggested to Patrick that his mind was playing tricks on him and that it wasn't Robin who called him. Patrick later confided to Elizabeth that he thinks Robin is alive. At the Swiss clinic, Tracy, carrying the antidote to the polonium poison, overpowered Jerry and got his gun when he entered the Luke's room. Luke held the gun on Jerry while Tracy administered the antidote, then they took off. In the lab, Jerry ordered Robin to make another batch of the antidote and told her that Luke took the first one. Hoping Luke could help her, Robin told Jerry that she needed to take blood from Luke in order to make a new batch of the antidote. Obrecht knocked Anna out before she and Faison escaped from the prison. Searching for Ben, Britt told Nikolas that Faison is her father. Sonny told Shawn that he thinks Derek could be Julian.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Delia was rushed to the hospital after being struck by a hit-and-run driver. Billy pleaded with the doctors to save Delia and then remembered leaving the child in the car alone while he went to buy ice cream for her party. Billy was devastated when he learned that Delia was dead. Chloe accused Billy of killing Delia, who had gotten out of the car while he was in the store. Meanwhile, Adam recalled swerving to avoid hitting a dog (Delia) and later found his car headlight was damaged. At the accident scene, Alex found pieces from a car headlight. After an encounter with Dylan, Nikki recalled giving him up for adoption (he doesn't know she's his birth mother), and wondered how things would have been if she had raised him. Victor urged Adam to pursue full custody of Connor after Chelsea told Victor to forget that the baby is his grandson. Sharon told Nick that she is getting her life back on track.

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