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'Y&R': Knickknack, Backpack, Leave Jamie Alone

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Thomas and Rick presented their designs for the competition to land the title of president of Forrester Creations. Thomas was stunned when Eric announced that Rick had won the competition. When her pregnancy test turned out positive, Steffy went to see Liam. At Liam's place, Hope told Liam that they belong together and would be so if it weren't for Bill and Steffy. Taylor saw Steffy's positive pregnancy test, but agreed not to tell anyone. Steffy boarded a plane for Paris (to see her father, Ridge) after seeing Liam and Hope making out in his bedroom.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After Chad announced at the wedding that Nick isn't the father of Gabi's baby, Will blurted out that he's the baby's father. Nick, who heard Lucas and Will talking about when Lucas first learned that Will was his son, told Gabi they may still be able to get married and raise her baby. Upset that Will kept the baby news from him, Sonny stated that his love for Will (and vice versa) evidently wasn't enough. Abigail told Chad to get lost when he apologized for ruining things for Nick and Gabi as well as Will. Sami ran to E.J. after she and Rafe argued about Gabi and Will. Chloe fumed when she saw Daniel kissing Jennifer. Chloe refused when Daniel asked her to let Kate -- who believed Parker was Philip's son and her grandson -- spend time with the child. Kate got back at Chloe by telling Jennifer that Chloe was a prostitute. When Brady passed out, Kristen recalled hiring the muggers who beat him up, causing his head injury.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: When Connie wouldn't act, Alexis got a court order so that Trey's life-support could be turned off. Sonny brought Connie to the hospital and she, Michael, Starr, Olivia, Kristina and Alexis, were there when Steve turned off the machine and Trey died. Sam told McBain that she was ready to put Jason to rest, and she and Monica planned a memorial service for him. While McBain was watching Daniel for Sam, Lucy, who thinks she's a vampire slayer, accused him of being Caleb the vampire king, rushed away, then returned and stabbed McBain in the chest with a stake. Lucy accused Duke of being one of the "undead." Alexis called Lucy's husband, Kevin. As part of a jail escape plan, Todd goaded Johnny into beating him up. At the hospital, Sam foiled Todd's escape. A.J. helped Carly, who felt betrayed by Todd and got drunk. Maxie, who slept with Spinelli, is pregnant again. Luke is back.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: While Michael and Lauren talked to Fen about Jamie's disappearance, Jamie received a text (from Fen) telling him to stay lost. Fen plotted to make it look like Jamie is a thief (by putting a knickknack in his backpack) after he returned and a judge agreed that Jamie could stay with Lauren and Michael. At the Abbott cabin, Mason (Victor's hired gumshoe) told Jack that Victor hired a hooker (Stephanie) to seduce Jack. Mason told Jack that Victor hadn't known Stephanie had a drug problem, which lead to her death (while with Jack), or that she was the daughter of Rep. Wheeler. Lily rejected Tyler's come-on at the opening of Nick's club, The Underground, and made it clear that Cane is the only man she's interested in. When Nick's opening party was ruined by a power outage, Tyler suggested Nick let him do P.R. for The Underground. Noah was upset that Adriana showed up at the club.

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