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'Y&R': Collins Wants to Mix It Up

Jessica Collins already had a friend behind the scenes when she started work as Avery on "The Young and the Restless:" veteran actress Jess Walton (Jill).

"I knew Jess Walton for years through a mutual friend, who, at one point, did the hair on 'Loving' and, at one point, did the hair on 'The Young and the Restless,'" says Collins, referring to the late Russell Latham. "He stayed close friends with both of us for years. So I would see Jess often."

To date, the two actresses haven't gotten the chance to share any scenes together on the show, but it's something Collins hopes could change in the future.

"I would absolutely love to work with Jess, because I've known her forever and I just love her so much," gushes Collins.

"But I don't know if our stories will ever come together or if our characters will ever cross paths. Jess is a terrific actress and a terrific woman, and I'd love to have a scene with her or a story with her."

Has Collins given any thought as to how Avery and Jill might actually become involved? Collins admits she has. "Maybe we can be related," she notes with a chuckle. "I've already played that card. Or maybe Jill could get arrested and Avery could defend her. She'd need a good lawyer. I would definitely be up for that."


Two former "Guiding Light" cast members -- who played husband and wife on that show -- have found a new home on "The Bold and the Beautiful," but are not related in any way.

First off, Karla Mosley debuts on Jan. 17 in the role of Maya, a mysterious woman who shares a Skid Row past with Dayzee Leigh Forrester (Kristolyn Lloyd). Apparently, Maya and Dayzee's reunion won't be a pleasant one.

Mosley played Christina Moore on "GL," and has appeared in films such as "Men in Black 3" and "Burn After Reading." On television, she's appeared in "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," "Gossip Girl," and "Castle," and others. She also has appeared in many theatrical productions.

Lawrence Saint-Victor makes his first appearance on Jan. 29 as Carter Walton, who is the adoptive brother of Marcus Walton Forrester (Texas Battle).

Saint-Victor played Remy Boudreau on "GL," and has had guest-starring roles on such prime-time series as "Ugly Betty," "Law & Order: SVU" and the History Channel's "Honor Deferred."

Also from "B&B," it is now public record that Katherine Kelly Lang has filed for divorce from her husband, Alex D'Andrea, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple married in 1997 and has a teenage daughter.

The rumor that Rebecca Herbst had been fired from "General Hospital" and her longtime role of Elizabeth Webber is just that -- a rumor that has been bandied about since last December. Herbst recently turned to Twitter to let fans know that she wasn't fired and isn't leaving the show.

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