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Sweeney on Sami and "Loser"

Alison Sweeney celebrates her 20th anniversary on "Days of our Lives" this month. It was way back on January 22, 1993, that she made her debut as troubled teenager Sami Brady, and she has been delighting daytime audiences with her portrayal of the conniving vixen ever since.

Not that the character hasn't evolved over the years.

"There has been tons of change in her," says Sweeney, noting that, when she started, Sami was all about "childish pranks and antics. I have my own flashbacks from time to time about some of the crazy things that I've done on the show, especially in the first 10 years."

Now that Sami has grown up, "she's really wised up a lot and her goals have changed," explains Sweeney. "She's not willing to do some crazy scheme to (make someone) fall in love with her anymore."

Nevertheless, Sami still harbors a Machiavellian attitude. "Whatever it takes to get the results that (she's) looking for is sort of acceptable to her," admits Sweeney.

It's made Sami an intriguing character to play, as has the variety of men she's been involved with over the years. Sweeney has enjoyed all her onscreen relationships, from longtime enemy-turned-pal Lucas to the nefarious E.J. to white knight Rafe.

"They're three very different stories, and it was really fun to have the opportunity to play all of them," says Sweeney.

When Sweeney's not hard at work at "DOOL," she can be found on the set of "The Biggest Loser." Brought on to host the series in 2007, she was looking forward to the show's new season, which debuted last week and features children battling weight issues for the first time.

"I'm a mom and, obviously, it's such an important issue for our country and the world," shares Sweeney. "I see kids all the time who are struggling with obesity, and I think it's so important to start talking about it, really figure out what we can do as a community and a society to heal our kids."

A fan of "Loser" before she joined the cast, Sweeney wholeheartedly supports the show's premise.

"It touches your heart in the belief that anything is possible, if you set your mind to it," maintains Sweeney. "No matter what your adversity is, no matter what your obstacle is in life, if you really do the work, it pays off. You can change. There is something so redeeming and inspiring about that ... I really expect another great season."

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