Soap Opera Review by Nancy M. Reichardt

Finding Summer in California on 'Days'

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Deacon warned Quinn that her plans for a life with Liam are going to backfire on her. Quinn got rid of Wyatt, who came to the cabin and asked about her "boyfriend." Wyatt let Steffy know he wants to be part of her life.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Ava goaded Kayla into attacking her, and then lied, saying Kayla tried to kill her. Joey blasted his father, Steve, after he admitted to having slept with Ava. Brady, who found Summer in California, urged her to return to Salem with him.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Ava and Franco were there for Kiki, who was devastated after she caught Morgan making out with another girl. Alexis and Julian's wedding ceremony got underway. Nikolas offered to let Lulu and Rocco move in with him.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Adam warned Marisa that she could be charged as an accessory if the police learn she knows Noah ran over Billy while backing up his car. Victor pressed Natalie to finish the program for the Pass Key security system.