Soap Opera Review by Nancy M. Reichardt

Secret Identities on 'YATR'

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Caroline accepted Ridge's apology for not telling her sooner about his vasectomy. Deacon tried to calm Quinn over her anger toward Bill, who rejected Wyatt's idea to start a fashion house to compete with Forrester.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: A devastated Eve had a hard time dealing with the funeral of her daughter Paige, who was strangled by the Necktie Killer. Chad was reluctant, but asked Stefano to help him prove he isn't the Necktie Killer. Caroline was hospitalized.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Ava, who is determined to get Avery back, had a confrontation with Carly, who she doesn't want anywhere near the child. Franco apologized to Kiki for not being there for her while she has been trying to deal with Silas' murder.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Victor didn't believe Jack, who insisted the Abbott family is not behind the Paragon Project computer virus. Phyllis is still unaware that her "friend" Fred is really Ian Ward. Dylan asked Kevin to help find Hilary.