Soap Opera Review by Nancy M. Reichardt

Finding the Mole on 'GH'

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Maya reacted with anger when Carter suggested Rick doesn't love her the way she loves him. Ivy urged Rick to come to his senses before he loses Caroline for good. Ridge blasted Rick for treating Caroline so badly.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Theresa decided to forget Brady and set out to find a new man. Melanie and Brady decided to start dating. As Hope realized Aiden hasn't told her everything about himself, Aiden made the decision to cut all ties with his past.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sam told Carly about her suspicion that Jake (Jason) is working for Helena. On Sonny's orders, Shawn tailed Fake Luke in order to find out his real identity. Sloan is trying to learn the identity of Anna's informant (Jordan).

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Michael and Lauren decided to tell their friends that Michael has prostate cancer. Victor was curious when Jack, who knows Adam is alive, brought up Adam's name. Nikki is having trouble keeping her vow not to drink.