In his Smart Money column, Bruce Williams answers readers' questions on personal finance, covering concerns such as buying a car or a home, helping kids get a start in life, investing for retirement, starting a business and getting a loan.

Smart Money has a light touch. It's not meant to be professional or reproachful, but rather direct and straightforward. I'll tell people when they've made a mistake, because I've been there.
Says Williams.

About Bruce Williams

Bruce Williams gained his financial expertise from a variety of business experiences, including selling insurance, driving a beer truck, working in a brewery, and buying and selling real estate. He has founded and owned numerous businesses, including a private school and a wholesale and retail florist. He also served a term as mayor of Franklin Township, N.J., and seven years on Franklin's city council.

Williams was host of a financial radio talk show heard on over 400 radio stations, in addition to XM Radio Network. For over 25 years he was the host of America's longest continuously running national radio show through 2010.

Williams was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame and selected No. 6 all-time radio talk show host by his peers at Talkers Magazine. He and his wife, Susan, live on the west coast of Florida.