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DEAR BRUCE: A company is claiming that I owe them $1,000 from the hospital my son was born in in 2013. I never received a bill from this company in the past. I've tried to contact them numerous times and was told to contact my insurance company, which at that time was through my employer. Because these charges are from 2013, the insurance company is not able to help me except through a release of storage record, which means I have to write them a letter and send it to them.

I don't understand how a physician's office can't go back in their records and tell me what ID was used for the payment billing. I don't have my records from back then, therefore I'm not able to verify the charges. What else can I possibly do? -- M.U.

DEAR M.U.: The fact is there may be little more you can do. Because the charges are from 2013 and the insurance company is not able to help you except through a release of storage records, which you have to write the letter for, I would tell them that you will be happy to write a letter. That much I would do.

Beyond that, I would tell the company that the bill should have been collected from the insurance company at the time. You have no records going back that far and you can't be expected to have them. In my opinion, little more can be expected from you. Good luck.

DEAR BRUCE: I had a car loan that was paid on time and completely, but its history has been removed from my credit report. Can I get it put back on? -- S.H.

DEAR S.H.: The fact that you paid a car loan on time and its history was removed is regrettable since I suspect there is very little on your report. You can certainly request for the credit reporting agency to include it, but that's all you can do. If the information is dated or is not considered consequential, that is the agency's judgment and unfortunately, there is little you can do about it.

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