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DEAR BRUCE: Do you feel the current state of the economy will continue through 2018? -- B.C.

DEAR B.C.: I don't think my opinion is any better than a thousand others. But certainly, for the short term, it's a cinch that there's not going to be any great withdrawal. Things are going well. Companies are turning a good profit, business is good and unemployment is down. All the things we asked for are coming to fruition.

That having been said, I wouldn't just jump into the market because I think if I don't buy now, prices are going to go up and it's going to cost me. I would be selective in my investments. I am currently paying a great deal of attention -- more than I have in the past -- because I think sooner or later the market has to make a correction. It always does.

One of the things you can do to separate yourself from the herd is to put a sale price on your holdings, and if the market falls to that level, sell out. It's not the most pleasant experience, but you will get crucified if you just watch your investments fade away.

One thing is always true: The economy is constantly in flux. It may go up and down for a few days, or it may go down for a few days and then go up. If you're not able to handle that fluctuation, you're in deep trouble.

DEAR BRUCE: What do you think of Donald Trump's performance so far? -- Drew

DEAR DREW: How much time do you have for an answer? A quick response is all I can allow myself. I think his performance is absolutely terrific in some areas and incredibly stupid in others.

For example, when he tweets little messages on the internet, he's reaching people. On the other side of that, he's looking very juvenile, and I don't see why he doesn't break himself from that habit.

He has questioned laws that had no business being on the books to begin with, and fixed some of the things the law allowed that it shouldn't have. In that regard, Mr. Trump is doing well, but every time somebody criticizes him, he jumps on their case. He has yet to demonstrate a certain degree of maturity, but he has three years left to get a grip on the maturity part.

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