Sense & Sensitivity by Harriette Cole

Newly Signed Model Doesn’t Want Plastic Surgery

DEAR HARRIETTE: I recently signed to a prestigious modeling agency in Los Angeles. This feels like my big break because I've been wanting to get signed for such a long time. The other day, my manager told me that I would book more gigs if I got a certain type of plastic surgery. I don't think there's anything wrong with me, and I'm not necessarily ready to make such a huge change to myself. I don't even think that I believe in getting plastic surgery. Other people within the agency have agreed with my manager and said that getting this procedure done would help my career a lot. What do I do? -- L.A. Model

DEAR L.A. MODEL: In the world of beauty, you will find that there are many enhancements that will be recommended to aid in your potential success. What’s most important for you to not lose your way is to figure out what you value -- and what you don’t. Do some research and learn about the particular procedure in question. Read as much as you can. Speak to people who have had the procedure and consult with a plastic surgeon about the risks and benefits.

You can decide to do nothing right now and see how your career unfolds. If, over time, you don’t seem to be getting the bookings that you want, you may reconsider the surgery. In this day and age, models of all stripes are being hired for jobs. That includes models with all kinds of “flaws.” Rather than reshaping some area of your body, you may want to embrace it and choose to make it part of your brand. Whatever you choose, do it with confidence. Your confidence in yourself will help your agency to be inspired by the uniqueness of you.