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Woman Questions How To Deal With Wrinkles

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have pale skin that has begun to wrinkle, even though I’m barely 40. I already know from looking at my mother that I am destined to look like an old woman well before my time. Some of my friends have been getting collagen injections and Botox to smooth out their wrinkles. One of my colleagues went a step further and had plastic surgery. I don’t know what I should do, but I’m not ready to accept that I’m beginning to look like my grandmother. What do you recommend? -- Smooth Skin

DEAR SMOOTH SKIN: Go to a dermatologist and get a professional evaluation of your skin. Learn what you can do to keep your skin moisturized and supple. Find out if a cleansing routine that includes SPF will help. That requires no invasive treatment.

Ask about the levels of support that are available, from collagen and Botox all the way to plastic surgery. Talk about the pros and cons of each therapy, and get professional advice on what is recommended for your skin. Be sure to go to a dermatologist who is highly trained and respected.

If plastic surgery is an option, be sure to research a reputable doctor. Look at photos of patients the doctor has worked with so that you can figure out who is right for you.

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