Sense & Sensitivity by Harriette Cole

New Employee Worried About Job Expectations

DEAR HARRIETTE: I just got a job -- finally. I am excited but also a bit worried. I will be working at an upscale restaurant that has many expectations about how the staff behaves. They expect us to speak perfect English and to know all of the rules of etiquette. I’m not sure how I was hired, because there is so much that I do not know. Still, I will give it my all. Do you have any recommendations for how I can get up to speed quickly? -- Knowing the Rules

DEAR KNOWING THE RULES: The good news is that you were hired even though you don’t think you have all of the skills. This means that your employer has faith in you. What you can do is to get some books to review the basics of etiquette. You may want to look at etiquette podcasts for guidance, too. These are from the Emily Post Foundation: You can also get a grammar book to study the nuances of grammar to help you refine your public speaking. You may consider joining Toastmasters, an organization that teaches communications skills.

Finally, you should talk to your supervisor and ask if there is a manual or other handbook that is used at the restaurant that can help you to master your job.