Sense & Sensitivity by Harriette Cole

Grandmother Chastised for Leaving Girls With Boyfriend

DEAR HARRIETTE: I was asked by a close friend to take on her college-age daughter for a summer internship. I often have interns, but this year I wasn’t planning on working with any young people. I want to take it a bit easy. It is true that whenever I have college interns, I get energized because they normally have good ideas, but this year I had planned to spend most of the summer with my own daughter, who will not be in camp for the first time in years. How can I help my friend’s daughter and be there for my own as well? I work freelance, so I don’t have to follow a precise schedule, but when you have an intern, it’s best to stick to a routine. -- Striking a Balance

DEAR STRIKING A BALANCE: You can do both! You just have to rally enough energy to get started. Design a limited workweek with your intern -- say 15 to 20 hours a week with a relatively defined schedule. Include your daughter in some of the activities. The two of them could work together on certain projects, which will allow you to spend time with your daughter and give her structured work to do in the summer.

On the off hours, plan special activities for just your daughter and you that will be memorable in years to come. Don’t just lie around at home or shop. Seek out interesting sites to visit and activities that you both will enjoy.

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