Sense & Sensitivity by Harriette Cole

Husband Unexcited About Yard Sale

DEAR HARRIETTE: I need to make some extra money, and I proposed to my husband and my neighbors that we have a yard sale. I figured if we did it together, we could draw more sales. Plus, it wouldn’t just be about me.

My husband thinks it’s a silly idea, even though he knows we are broke. My two closest neighbors loved the idea. We are planning a yard sale for two weeks from now, before the weather changes. I want my husband to be happier about it, though. How can I get him to be on my team? -- Sell it All, Towson, Maryland

DEAR SELL IT ALL: Get organized. The better prepared you are for the sale, the easier it will be for your husband to take note of how it’s working and help, if he chooses to do so.

Make written lists of the items you plan to sell. Invite his input for pricing. Inquire about any old items he may want to contribute. Don’t give him any big responsibilities on the day of the event, but be sure to invite him to be a part of it. Throughout the day, let him know how it’s going. If it is successful, he will likely become more interested and accepting of your creative idea.

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