Sense & Sensitivity by Harriette Cole

Reader Makes Up Mind About Makeup

DEAR HARRIETTE: I hate the feeling of wearing makeup. I find it clogs my pores and makes me look unnatural. I work in a traditional 9-to-5 office setting where a tidy appearance is strongly preferred, if not mandatory. Is there any way I could go au natural? Many makeups have harsh chemicals in them, which can damage your skin. -- Barefaced, Portland, Oregon

DEAR BAREFACED: It is entirely possible to go without a full face of makeup and still be polished in your look. Since makeup clogs your pores, skip foundation entirely. You can use rice blotting paper, available in drug stores as well as beauty supply stores nationwide. This soaks up the oil on your skin, leaving your face with a matte look, one aspect of what powder does. You can consider a light dusting of translucent powder -- with no color. This adds a very light layer of smoothing to your skin, which can make you feel more dressed up. If you choose to add anything else, consider lip gloss. It can have a slight stain of color, or be clear. A bit of shine on your lips also brightens your face.