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Overweight Teen Daughter Won't Accept Help

DEAR HARRIETTE: My 14-year-old daughter is overweight. We try to have her diet, but I constantly find candy wrappers under her bed anyway. "Casey" tries to wear the same clothes as her friends (belly shirts, short shorts and tighter dresses) and has tantrums and meltdowns when she doesn't look like them. She doesn't take any of the necessary steps to lose weight, and she refuses anyone's help. How can I help my daughter if she can't help herself? -- Weight Loss, Las Vegas

DEAR WEIGHT LOSS: Please make an appointment with your daughter's pediatrician right away. You should speak to the doctor in advance to give a clear picture of your concerns -- including your daughter's current lack of understanding of her body and how to dress appropriately. Your daughter needs mental health support that hopefully will help her to be able to see herself accurately and embrace a healthier lifestyle. She also needs practical nutritional advice on how to eat to lower her caloric intake. A nutritionist would be a great addition to your team, someone who can teach your daughter how to eat to care for her unique self. The psychologist can help her see herself for who she is, learn to love herself and learn to dress the body in which she lives.

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