Sense & Sensitivity by Harriette Cole


DEAR HARRIETTE: My job requires me to use the Internet to gather information for various projects in a timely manner; however, I find myself logging onto Facebook and Twitter to update my status and to see what my friends are doing all day long. I really want to concentrate and focus on the work I have to do during business hours. Can you help me create a strategy to help me stay focused? I could be a more effective worker. -- Easily Distracted, Newark, N.J.

DEAR EASILY DISTRACTED: What you can do is think about your career and your future. Seriously consider the steps that you can take to be successful in your work life. Write down a list of what you can do to improve at your job. Include time management on your list. Imagine how much more efficient you can be if you stay focused on the task at hand.

Each day, make a written list of what you have to do. Write out each task on a separate line, and check off each item when it has been successfully completed. This can help to keep you in line.

Finally, think about the consequences of continuing to be distracted by your personal social media. You could potentially lose your job if you spend too much on those websites.

DEAR HARRIETTE: Recently, my husband and I have gained a lot of weight. I know why: We have been eating rich food every day and drinking wine every night. We know that this is causing us to bulk up, but it makes us happy. We actually have not been this happy together in years. So, we don't want to stop. Obviously, this is not rational thinking. What can we do to develop healthier habits and stay happy? -- Fat and Happy, Los Angeles

DEAR FAT AND HAPPY: You can start by moving your bodies. Why not take a walk together after dinner? Ease into being more active with each other. At the same time, you can begin to make smarter food choices. Switch out starchy foods for green vegetables. Cut back on butter and bread. Eat dinner earlier than your normal hour. Do not eat and then go straight to bed. Reduce your alcohol intake. Start off by reducing it to one glass of wine per night with the goal of reducing your alcohol intake to one or two nights a week.

Remember to take your time in this process. Talk to your husband about it so that he knows you are looking to do something to improve your health. Ask him to support you in this effort. Look for recipes for healthier meals. Invite your husband to help prepare special meals with you. What makes for a happy marriage is great communication coupled with respect. If you travel on this journey to a healthier life together, chances are you can slim down and stay happy!