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Pet Connection
Pet Connection in Pets

Working Dog Blues

Is it time for your dog to retire from a sport or job? The answer is intensely personal and depends on the dog’s attitude and physical ability By Kim Campbell Thornton Andrews McMeel Syndication My... continue

The Animal Doctor
The Animal Doctor in Pets

Autism in Animals?

DEAR DR. FOX: Our grandson has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He is 6 years old and is in therapy. His parents say that their pediatrician says it is genetic, not caused by vaccines.... continue

The Village Idiot
The Village Idiot in Lifestyle

The Influencers

She’s 18 and has half a zillion followers on Instagram. Her posts are full of great pearls of wisdom like, “Somedays I feel pretty and somedays I don’t.” That bit of knowledge should be good for a ... continue

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