Figuratively Speaking

Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Entertaining and enlightening readers across North America for 25 years, Figuratively Speaking is a statistics column that shows the vagaries of life in business and other aspects of society. Though it is attuned to the twist or the sarcastic, the column is dedicated to capturing changing trends, including the differences between the sexes, the changing workplace, brick-and-mortar versus high-tech, wages, costs and everything in between.

Formerly self-syndicated, Figuratively Speaking now appears in more than 50 newspapers and online outlets, including top publications such as The Detroit Free Press, The Star-Tribune in Minneapolis, The San Jose Mercury News, The (Portland) Oregonian, The Indianapolis Star and many others. Canadian clients include The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun and The (Montreal) Gazette. In addition, the column has appeared as the back page feature in Southwest Airlines' in-flight publication, as well as in national magazines like Travel and Leisure, American Bar Association Journal, Maxim, among many others.

About John MacIntyre

A versatile journalist with more than two decades of experience as a writer and editor, John MacIntyre has directed, written and commented upon a wide range of subjects in many media forms including print, radio and television. In addition to his column Figuratively Speaking, he has authored or co-authored five books, a stage play and a screenplay. He is also the principal owner of the book-publishing firm MacIntyre Percell Publishing Inc.

MacIntyre earned a Bachelor of Arts from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He currently lives in Nova Scotia with his family.