Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For March 05, 2021

Percentage of people who wouldn't marry someone with bad credit, down from 53% in 2019, according to a survey by WalletHub: 47

Percentage who say irresponsible spending is a bigger turnoff than bad breath: 44

Percentage of women who believe financial infidelity can be worse than cheating: 58

Percentage of men who say the same: 47

Source: WalletHub.

Average cash gift from the Tooth Fairy, according to the annual Original Tooth Fairy Poll, conducted by the Delta Dental Plans Association: $4.70

Number of years the Original Tooth Fairy Poll has typically mirrored the economy's overall direction, tracking with the trends of the S&P 500, over a period of 19 years: 16

Source: Delta Dental of Arkansas.

Salary for college basketball's highest-paid coach, Kentucky's John Calipari (vs. $1.6 million combined for University of Kentucky's president and the state's governor), according to research by Warner Media: $9.3 million

Corporate losses due to unproductive workers during March Madness: $13.3 billion

Amount legally wagered on the 2019 NCAA men's basketball tournament: $3.9 billion

Amount illegally wagered: $8.5 billion

Source: Warner Media.

Percentage of Americans who say returning to a pre-COVID life is a moderate or large risk, according to the latest Axios Corona Virus Index: 66

Percentage of people who have been vaccinated who still see coronavirus as a high risk: 76

When asked about attending gatherings of family or friends, percentage of all respondents who say they are already doing it: 28

Percentage who will wait for officials to say it's safe: 24

Percentage who will wait for their circle to be vaccinated: 22

Percentage who don't know when they'll attend: 24

Source: Ipsos Public Affairs.

Percentage of job seekers who say discovering evidence that a prospective employer would offer poor work-life balance would immediately dissuade them from applying to that company, according to a study published by CareerArc: 53

Ranks of a lower salary, and a company's decreasing profits and lack of stability on the list of top job seeker deal-breakers: 2, 3

Source: CareerArc.

Percentage of U.S. workers who said they would take a lower paid job if it had a healthier working environment than their current job, according to a survey commissioned by Ambius: 60

Percentage who said they already had found a new job with better hygiene practices: 35

Percentage of respondents who said they would be more likely to ask future employers about their health and hygiene policies and implementation before accepting future jobs: 70

Source: Ambius.

Percentage of senior managers surveyed who said their company is taking more time to hire today in hope that better candidates will come along, according to a survey from Robert Half: 33

Percentage of senior managers who are receiving more applications for open roles than they were prior to the pandemic: 72

Source: Robert Half Finance and Accounting.

Percentage of U.S. broadband households that have trialed at least one video service during the COVID-19 crisis, according to research by Parks Associates: 40

Percentage of smart home device owners in the U.S. who have increased usage of these products: 33

Source: Parks Associates.

Percentage of workers who indicated it is important for employers to celebrate workplace accomplishments, anniversaries and achievements, according to a national survey by Blackhawk Network: 80

Percentage who said they want their employer to express appreciation for their personal contributions: 86

Source: Blackhawk Network.

Percentage of companies that revealed they were new to virtual experiences in 2020, according to a study by AnyRoad: 51

Percentage that said online experiences are here to stay, even after the pandemic subsides: 85

Percentage of marketers who felt that they did not have sufficient measurement tools to show the full impact of their virtual events: 46

Source: AnyRoad.

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