Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For July 31, 2020

Percentage of U.S. adults who say they've delayed at least one major financial milestone as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a survey by 36

Ranks of finding a new job, buying/leasing a car and buying a home on the most likely financial milestones that have been delayed: 1, 2, 3


Ranks of lingering in a car/restroom or taking an extended break to finish reading or watching something on a phone before returning to work, taking work-related calls while driving to and from work, and hiding a phone while in a meeting to continue to check messages or text with a co-worker on the list of counterproductive and unsafe behaviors regarding mobile device usage on the job, according to a survey by TRUE Software: 1, 2, 3

Source: TRUE Software.

Estimated percentage of employees ages 18 to 38 who say companies should prioritize diversity over experience and capabilities when it comes to making hiring decisions, according to a survey by Topia: 40

Percentage who also say they have to hide parts of who they are in order to fit in at work: 25

Percentage who said being empowered and trusted makes for a great employee experience: 58

Percentage who cited training, job rotation or international assignments on the list of attributes of a great employee experience: 48

Percentage who cited having the right tech: 39

Percentage who cited an amazing office space and perks: 19

Source: Topia.

Percentage of parents who say that COVID-19 has changed their attitude toward back-to-school spending, according to a WalletHub survey: 71

Percentage of parents who say they will spend the same or less on back-to-school shopping compared to 2019: 79

Number of times more likely moms are than dads to say they won't do any back-to-school shopping this year: 3

Source: WalletHub.

Ranks of more affordable housing, proximity to family/partners and retirement on the list of reasons participants gave for packing up their lives and relocating, according to a new survey conducted by Redfin: 1, 2, 3

While only a quarter of participants move for affordability, percentage who said their ability to afford nonhousing expenses and leisure activities improved after their relocation: 60

Source: Redfin.

Ranks of soft skills, personal enrichment/life experience and hard skills on the list of the most valuable benefits of college, according to a report from BestColleges: 1, 2, 3

Percentage of all degree holders who said the skills they learned in college were helpful in their current jobs: 79

Source: BestColleges.

Amount the U.S. cloud gaming market could generate in annual subscription revenue, as 30% of U.S. broadband households currently express interest in this service, according to research from Parks Associates: $3 billion

Percentage of U.S. broadband households who play video games for at least one hour per week: 74

Average number of hours per week gamers play, a number skewed toward heavy gamers, with PC gaming showing the biggest gains as a result of COVID-19 pandemic: 22

Source: Parks Associates.

Estimated number of people -- more than one-third of credit card holders -- who said they involuntarily had a credit limit reduced or a credit card account closed altogether during a 60-day period stretching from mid-May to mid-July, according to a survey from CompareCards: 70 million

Percentage who said they had their credit limit reduced on at least one card in the past 60 days: 34

Source: CompareCards.

As the pandemic continues, percentage of shoppers who are more cautious than optimistic about the future, according to a COVID-19 grocery shopper research report from Acosta: 64

Percentage who are looking ahead with optimism: 24

Percentage of shoppers who say they have found time for more relaxation during the pandemic: 53

Percentage who reported that they are sleeping more: 40

Source: Acosta.

While 68% of Americans see dining out as a high- or moderate-risk activity, percentage who report doing it in the last week, according to the ABC News/Ipsos poll: 30

Source: Ipsos.

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