Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For July 24, 2020

Percentage of company leaders who are either very unprepared or unprepared to manage remote teams, according to a survey from VitalSmarts: 20

Percentage who are concerned COVID-19 will influence their company's operations: 65

Source: VitalSmarts.

Percentage of shoppers who say they are worse off financially than they were pre-pandemic -- including 9% who are much worse off, according to a COVID-19 grocery shopper research report from Acosta: 37

Percentage of millennials who are worse off, the hardest-hit generation: 43

Source: Acosta.

On average, percentage fewer matches that men displaying shirtless pictures on dating profiles have than those who are clothed, according to a survey by 25

Percentage of men who actually believe that shirtless pictures help their chances of landing a match: 90

Percentage of all women surveyed who indicated that shirtless pictures implies a lack of maturity and self-awareness: 66

Source: Group.

Percentage of physicians across all areas (with the exception of behavioral health) who reported that they had either been furloughed or taken pay cuts, according to a survey by Sage Growth Partners of U.S. physicians to assess how COVID-19 has changed the way they deliver care: 55

Percentage who plan on closing their offices for an extended period or permanently: 10 to 12

Percentage who believe their practices will return to pre-COVID-19 patient volumes within the next three to six months: 78

Source: Sage Growth Partners.

Total amount of money lost through theft, fraud and losses from other retail "shrink" in 2019, up from $50.6 billion the year before, according to the National Retail Federation: $61.7 billion

According to the report, average percentage of sales attributed to shrink, up from 1.38% in 2018: 1.62

Source: NRF.

Percentage of Americans who are more concerned about their retirement today compared to a year ago -- up from 56% this May, according to the SimplyWise Index: 62

Percentage who believe they will outlive their retirement savings: 50

Percentage of Americans in their 50s who say they could not last more than a year off their savings: 80

Source: SimplyWise.

Percentage of employees who give their company an exceptional rating for employee experience, according to a survey issued by Topia and conducted by Method Research: 17

Percentage of employees who feel that if their manager or colleagues knew their political beliefs, it would limit their career potential: 25

Specifically among HR personnel, percentage who say they feel the need to keep their personal beliefs private: 44

Source: Topia.

Percentage of Americans with children who use some digital technology applications to support communication with their children and help to educate as well as entertain them, according to Parks Associates research: 80

Percentage of broadband households with children who have had an adult in the household lose their job, receive a salary cut or had their work hours reduced because of COVID-19: 50

Source: Parks Associates.

Percentage of diners who have scaled back ordering from restaurants since March, according to a survey by MGH: 48

Percentage who have said they have ordered a family meal deal: 55

Percentage who have ordered snacks or desserts: 30

Percentage who have ordered meal kits: 11

Source: MGH.

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