Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For July 17, 2020

Number of hours per week consumers spent watching online video in 2017, according to Parks Associates: 3.6

Number of hours spent watching online video today: 7

Percentage by which traditional pay-TV service has declined during the same period (from an adoption rate of 75% to 62%): 17.33

Source: Parks Associates.

Percentage of Americans who are planning an overnight vacation or leisure travel in 2020, according to a survey conducted by Morning Consult commissioned by the American Hotel and Lodging Association: 44

Percentage who plan to take their first overnight trip by the end of the summer: 59

Percentage who plan to stay with family or friends: 43

Source: American Hotel and Lodging Association.

Average annual expenditure on groceries in the U.S. per person, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics as reported by Varo Money: $4,464

Average amount spent on dining out: $3,459

Source: Varo Money.

Percentage of men who admit to financial infidelity (having a secret account or spending a larger amount than their spouse might be comfortable with) with their current partners, compared to 43% of women, according to 47


Percentage of U.S. adults who adopted a dog at some point during the first three-month period of COVID-19, according to data from Packaged Facts: 5

Percentage of the market for pet food, non-food pet supplies, veterinary services and non-medical pet services accounted for by dogs: 66

Source: Packaged Facts.

Number of times more likely a divorced woman is to say her overall lifestyle in retirement is worse than she expected it to be prior to retirement than a married woman, according to Employee Benefit Research Institute: 2

Percentage of divorced women who say their lifestyle in retirement is better than expected: 25

Percentage of married women who say the same: 36

Source: EBRI.

Percentage of Americans who say they had to resort to more desperate measures to deal with medical expenses, according to a report: 28

Ranks of taking on substantial debt, borrowing money from friends or family, or tapping into retirement savings on the list of ways they used to combat these expenses: 1, 2, 3


Percentage of parents who are concerned about their children's privacy online, according to research by Startpage: 98

While parents feel the majority of the responsibility for protecting their children online falls to them, percentage who admitted to not feeling able, or only sometimes feeling able, to control their children's privacy online: 68

Percentage who said they didn't know companies could exploit their children's data for commercial gain: 36

Source: Startpage.

Percentage of Americans who don't anticipate buying an electric car in the near future, according to a survey commissioned by ValuePenguin: 74

Percentage who would be more likely to pay more money for a car that came equipped with automated safety features (Bluetooth, backup cameras and assisted self-driving): 43.3

Percentage of Americans who would spend extra for a car that would automatically parallel park for them: 48


Percentage of Americans who said they would eat more plant-based foods if they cost less than meat options, according to a survey by Earth Day Network and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication: 63

Percentage who would do so if they tasted better: 67

Source: Earth Day Network.

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