Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For June 19, 2020

Percentage increase in year-over-year e-commerce growth in the retail industry (now accounting for more than 40% of sales), according to a Deloitte survey: 68

In 2019, the percentage of revenue accounted for by brick-and-mortar stores: 85

Source: Deloitte.

Percentage of small businesses in America that are now open, according to a June Alignable survey: 68

Percentage that are fully open: 40

Percentage of pre-COVID-19 employees who are back on the payroll: 47

Source: Alignable.

When asked what they most disliked about managing people, percentage of business owners who said "employees having personal issues that can conflict with work," according to a survey by Oasis: 41

Ranks of "the quality of work not being always up to par," "taking up so much time" and "easier to do the work myself" on the list of reasons for their dislike of managing people: 2, 3, 4

Source: Oasis.

Percentage of U.S. adults who have canceled plans or no longer plan to attend upcoming events because of the coronavirus outbreak, according to 62

Of those who canceled plans, percentage who lost money (equal to 59 million people): 37

Among all U.S. adults who had laid out money for canceled plans, percentage who received/will receive a full refund: 30


As a result of COVID-19 and a return to workplaces, percentage of employees who want to be allowed to work from home more often, according to a survey by Robert Half: 79

Percentage of respondents who would like to see staggered work schedules: 55

Source: Robert Half.

Ranks of cleaning the bedroom, making the bed, doing the laundry, clearing the table and looking after the pets on the list of top chores kids do to earn their money, according to RoosterMoney: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Source: RoosterMoney.

When impulsively shopping, percentage of people who said they typically take advantage of a deal rather than buying at retail price, according to a survey by Slickdeals: 52

Percentage who say they ordered online groceries for the first time during the pandemic: 46

Percentage who have tried a new streaming service: 47

Source: Slickdeals.

Percentage of Americans who said they'll never feel comfortable with the stock market again, though 29% said they still feel comfortable, according to a survey by Lending Tree: 10

Percentage who were confident the stock market would recover from the decline associated with the coronavirus: 78

Percentage who didn't think the stock market would recover in their lifetime: 8

Source: Lending Tree.

Number of Americans who were/are most worried about paying their credit card bill during the pandemic, according to a survey by WalletHub: 46 million

Compared to men, percentage more likely that women expect to get into more debt during the coronavirus pandemic: 21

Source: WalletHub.

While about half of teens have seen drug addiction and alcohol consumption as major problems among people their age, percentage who say they personally feel pressure to use drugs, according to a Pew Research Center survey of U.S. teens ages 13 to 17: 4

Percentage who feel pressure to drink alcohol: 6

Source: Pew Research Center's Social and Demographic Trends.

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