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Figuratively Speaking For May 08, 2020

Percentage of diners who have been annoyed by their dinner companion's phone use in the past, according to a survey commissioned by OpenTable: 81

Percentage who say they actually avoid eating with companions who overuse their phones: 20

Percentage of diners who avoid checking their phones at the table by turning it off: 51

Percentage who turn it upside down: 49

Percentage more likely that women are than men to say they hide their phone to avoid using it during a meal than men (39% to 24%): 15

Source: OpenTable Inc.

Percentage of people who gave their national government the best rating for its performance compared to other institutions, according to findings from Fleishman-Hillard six-country consumer study in the United States, China, Germany, Italy, South Korea and the United Kingdom: 47

Percentage of Chinese consumers who rate their national government "excellent" or "great": 79

Ranks of their counterparts in the U.K. (50%), South Korea (43%), Italy (39%), Germany (37%) and the U.S. (34%): 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Source: Fleishman-Hillard.

Percentage of family members who believed they anticipated their mom's Mother's Day dining preferences "extremely well" or "very well," according to a survey by TripAdvisor: 70

Percentage of moms who agree: 46

Percentage of moms whose top dining choice for celebrating Mother's Day was going out to brunch: 30

Percentage who report being taken out to brunch by their families: 16

Source: TripAdvisor.

Percentage of Americans who told that the federal government needs to do more to address their personal financial concerns stemming from the COVID-19 outbreak: 57

Percentage who say the government has done enough: 32

Percentage who believe it has done more than enough: 11


Percentage of workers in the U.S. who say their quality of work has improved amid the disruptive impact of COVID-19, according to a pulse survey by KPMG LLP: 64

Percentage who reported better collaboration: 70

Percentage who said that their team has effectively adapted to working together during this time: 82

Source: KPMG LLP.

Percentage of parents who are more worried about their finances now than before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, according to findings by OfferUp: 66

Percentage of parents who are experiencing more parenting stress compared to before the coronavirus pandemic: 63

Percentage who say finding ways to keep their children entertained is currently the most challenging part of parenting: 70

Source: OfferUp.

Percentage of Americans ages 18 to 54 who have three or more mother figures in their lives, according to a survey conducted by Edible Arrangements: 44

Of the "other mother" figures, ranks of friends, grandmothers and mothers-in-law on the list of the top "other mother" figures they look to the most: 1, 2(tie)

Source: Edible Arrangements.

Percentage of Americans who report receiving government stimulus money, according to an Ipsos survey: 49

Among those who have, percentage who report putting it into savings: 38

Percentage who reported not spending it yet: 18

Percentage who said they are using the stimulus money to pay for food and household needs: 25

Percentage who report using it to pay rent or mortgage: 14

Percentage who gave it to someone in need: 5

Source: Ipsos Public Affairs.

Percentage of U.S. broadband households who subscribe to an OTT (content delivered by high-speed internet) service, an increase of roughly 6 million households since Q1 2019, according to research by Parks Associates: 76

Number of OTT users who exhibited significant shifts in preferred genres and shows, notably a shift to the comedy genre after shelter-in-place orders, according to data from Reelgood: 4.8 million

Source: Parks Associates.

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