Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For May 29, 2020

Percentage of Americans who had upcoming travel plans who lost money on nonrefundable deposits and cancellation fees, averaging $854.30 per person, according to a survey by 46

Percentage of the lost costs that came from airline tickets: 59

Percentage that came from hotel rooms: 44


Percentage of American workers who said that their work team has effectively adapted to working together during this time, according to a survey by KPMG LLP: 82

Percentage who indicated that they had adequate resources to do their job remotely: 59

Percentage who also reported that their team is effectively using technology to communicate: 87

Source: KPMG LLP.

Percentage of students who say COVID-19 has changed their plans for summer jobs, according to a WalletHub survey: 56

Percentage of students who would rather risk COVID-19 on campus than self-isolate at their parents' house: 35

Ranks of emergency savings, having a steady job and not going into debt on the list of the most important financial lesson students have learned from the pandemic: 1, 2, 3

Source: WalletHub.

Among workers who have lost jobs during the pandemic, ranks of workers in IT (55%), finance (53%) and construction/extraction (47%) who are most likely to have started a new job, according to research by Strada Education Network: 1, 2, 3

Source: Strada Education Network.

Percentage of physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners who report greater anxiety in their lives, according to a survey by CHG Healthcare: 72

Percentage who fear bringing home the virus to a family member or loved one: 68

Percentage who worry they might be infected themselves: 56

Source: CHG Healthcare.

Percentage of newly remote workers who expect to continue to work remotely once shutdowns end, according to a survey of homebuyers and sellers by Redfin: 25

Percentage of respondents who would move if they never had to go into an office: 50

Source: Redfin.

Percentage of business leaders, HR experts and academics who believe their current job could be replaced by machines, according to a study titled "The Future of Work" from CareerAddict: 33

Percentage who believe that automation and AI could improve their work performance: 61

Percentage who are open to reskilling and lifelong learning: 93

Source: CareerAddict.

Percentage of Americans who know someone who has lost their health insurance during this pandemic, according to a survey: 25

Percentage who say they don't know what their health insurance options are if they lost their health insurance: 68


Percentage of credit card debtors who are currently stressed about their credit card debt, according to a report: 45

Ranks of paying more than the minimum (60%), balance transfer (13%) and paying only the minimum (13%) on the list of the most common credit card payoff strategies among U.S. adults with credit card debt: 1, 2, 3

Percentage who are paying nothing at all or don't have a plan: 13


Percentage of parents who say closing schools was the right call, according to the results of research by Pearson and Connections Academy: 94

Percentage of Americans who are concerned that COVID-19 will affect or delay the start of school in the fall: 77

Percentage of parents who believe online learning will become a long-lasting requirement for their child: 88

Percentage who believe schools need to be better prepared to switch to virtual learning programs: 91

Source: Pearson.

Percentage of Americans who plan to make donations this year who will give more than last year, according to a CoinStar survey: 44

Percentage who say they will be giving the same: 39

Percentage of people who donate who say they do so because it makes them feel good: 34

Source: Coinstar.

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"You have reached the pinnacle of success as soon as you become uninterested in money, compliments or publicity." -- Thomas Wolfe, novelist

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