Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For May 22, 2020

Percentage of students getting ready for a virtual graduation ceremony who think a college education is less important due to COVID-19, according to WalletHub's Student Money Survey: 20

Percentage of students who think credit cards will be more important after the pandemic: 43

Percentage of students who have missed a bill payment since the pandemic began: 30

Source: WalletHub.

With wedding season officially on hiatus, percentage of soon-to-be newlyweds across the country who said they were planning to move the date of their big day, according to a survey by The Knot: 96

Of those couples, percentage who are pushing their ceremonies to later in the year in 2020: 65

Percentage who are keeping things TBD or going for a 2021 date: 35

Source: The Knot.

Percentage of's global user-base who are single mothers, according to a survey by 35

Percentage of single moms who said they believe an online companion could help alleviate stress: 70

Percentage of respondents who said they have found someone online that they had a strong connection with: 85

Percentage who said they would continue online dating once social-distancing ends: 87


By mid-April, estimated number of restaurant workers who had lost their jobs, (45% of all workers employed in the industry), according to the National Restaurant Association: 6 million

Source: National Restaurant Association.

Percentage of medical professionals who indicated that they were working less since the emergence of COVID-19, according to a survey by CHG Healthcare: 74

Percentage who had been laid off or furloughed: 13

Percentage who considered themselves full-time workers: 50

Percentage of respondents who had not treated any patients with COVID-19 or its symptoms: 41

Source: CHG Healthcare.

Percentage of Americans who believe businesses are reopening too soon, according to a survey: 55

Percentage who say they expect to shop less in public than they did before: 43

Percentage of households who report a negative impact to their spending ability as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting their income: 44


Percentage of Americans who have lost a job, income or hours because of COVID-19, according to research by Strada Education Network: 53

Of these workers, percentage who have started a new job: 35

Percentage who have started a new full-time job: 14

Percentage who have started a new part-time job: 19

Source: Strada Education Network.

Percentage of parents who are embracing the COVID-era education experience with their children and are taking a bigger role in helping their children, according to research by Pearson and Connections Academy: 79

Percentage of parents who say their child is handling the transition better than they are: 80

Source: Pearson.

Percentage of small business owners who have received federal money so far, according to research by Alignable: 28

Percentage of small business owners who applied for federal relief under the CARES Act Payroll Protection Program who are wondering if or when it will actually arrive: 66

Percentage who reported having only one month of cash reserves left: 47

Source: Alignable.

Percentage of Americans who want to personally receive a COVID-19 vaccine before they feel safe shopping in stores again, according to a nationwide survey from Fast: 19

Percentage who say they may never be comfortable buying in person again: 29

Source: Fast.

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