Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For April 24, 2020

Percentage of Americans who say they have reached out to a friend, neighbor or loved one to help during this pandemic crisis, according to an Ipsos' North America Omnibus survey: 70

When asked, percentage of respondents who say they can think of something positive they have personally enjoyed or experienced during the coronavirus outbreak: 93

Percentage who said more time at home: 51

Percentage who said cleaning/decluttering: 43

Source: Ipsos Reid Omnibus Services.

According to NameSnack's new business name-generation website, average percentage increase in traffic on their website on a typical day since Americans went into some sort of lockdown, suggesting that there has been a huge increase in interest from people considering starting their own business: 362

Source: NameSnack.

Percentage of Americans who report feeling anxious as a result of the pandemic, according to a study by Cohen Veterans Network: 64

Percentage who cite feeling lonely or isolated: 49

Percentage who are having trouble sleeping: 46

Source: Cohen Veterans Network.

Ranks of New Hampshire, Louisiana, Georgia, Kentucky and North Carolina on the list of states with the highest percentage increases in unemployment, according to research by WalletHub: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Rank of Oregon, Connecticut, Alaska, Wyoming and Wisconsin on the list of states with the smallest percentage increases in unemployment: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Source: WalletHub.

When asked how individuals would invest $5,000 in their future education or training, percentage who said they would spend those funds with an online college or university, according to a Strada Education Network survey: 26

Percentage who said apprenticeship or internship with a local employer: 18

Source: Strada Education Network.

Percentage of homeowners who asked their mortgage lender for a reprieve from their monthly payment because of the coronavirus outbreak who were granted one, according to a survey from LendingTree: 91

Estimated percentage of people who didn't ask for help with their credit card or mortgage payments who said they didn't realize they had that option: 20

Source: LendingTree.

Percentage of Americans who say they are washing their hands more frequently, more thoroughly or longer per CDC recommendations, according to the Bradley Corp.: 90

Percentage who are washing their hands six or more times a day -- compared to just 37% who washed up that often prior to the outbreak: 78

Source: Bradley Corp.

Percentage of American consumers who report they are cooking more, according to research from the marketing and PR firm Hunter, revealing the impact of COVID-19 on Americans' food habits: 54

Of the 75% of American adults who are cooking more, percentage who report that they are more confident in the kitchen: 50

Percentage who said they are learning more about cooking and starting to build more confidence: 26

Percentage who said they are enjoying it more: 35

Source: Hunter.

In light of the current pandemic, percentage of all Americans who have been jolted into realizing the need to take action now to protect the planet, according to research commissioned by ecoATM Gazelle: 17

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, percentage more people who now agree climate change is a real thing: 10

Percentage who believe we can all make a difference: 30

Source: ecoATM Gazelle.

Despite the economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, percentage of companies that have no immediate plans to make any pay adjustments for salaried staff, according to a survey from executive compensation consultancy Pearl Meyer: 48

Percentage that have no adjustment plans for hourly staff: 54

Percentage of companies that have taken staffing actions (such as furloughs or layoffs): 22

Percentage that are considering taking actions: 31

Source: Pearl Meyer and Partners.

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