Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For April 17, 2020

Percentage of Americans who say nurses and doctors should be regarded as heroes, according to a survey by More in Common: 84

Percentage who say the same for police, firefighters and emergency medical teams: 71

Source: More in Common.

Percentage of Americans who said their Easter spending was affected by the coronavirus this year, according to WalletHub: 68

Approximate percentage of Easter-celebrating Americans who said they skipped out on candy, new outfits and Easter foods this year, compared with prior years: 50

Source: WalletHub.

Percentage of Americans who say they don't wash their hands after using the restroom, according to a survey: 40

Percentage who admit to regularly biting their nails: 18

Percentage who confessed to sleeping next to their phones, which are capable of containing millions of bacteria on their surfaces: 45


Percentage of Americans who say if they lost their job due to COVID-19, they would need additional education or training to obtain a comparable job, according to a Strada Education Network survey: 33

Percentage who report they have lost their job or have had their income reduced due to COVID-19: 46

Percentage who say that in times of economic uncertainty, getting more education is essential: 66

Source: Strada Education Network.

Percentage of Americans who currently work at home or have worked from home in the last year, according to research by Blackhawk Network: 71

Percentage who prefer their employers engage them via rewards and incentives -- citing prepaid credit cards and gift cards as the incentive they most want to receive: 84

Source: Blackhawk Network.

Percentage of charities that anticipate their 2020 revenue will be lower than expected, according to research from the Better Business Bureau's 80

Percentage who are concerned about maintaining a financially stable organization in 2020: 89.4

Ranks of donors will likely be less able to give, charities will be less able to host fundraising events and donors will redirect support to individuals in need on the list of reasons for the anticipated decreased revenue: 1, 2, 3

Source: BBB Wise Giving Alliance.

Percentage of businesses that did not have a crisis communications plan in place prior to the pandemic, according to a poll released by 5W Public Relations: 67

Percentage of businesses that have seen a negative impact on their business due to COVID-19: 75

Percentage who agree this pandemic will forever change the way we do business: 84

Percentage who have offered free goods or services during the pandemic to help the community/country: 61

Source: 5W Public Relations.

Among U.S. adults who anticipate receiving a stimulus check, percentage who believe that the money would not be enough to sustain their financial well-being for one month, according to a poll by 31

Of those who anticipate receiving a stimulus check, percentage who think they would use the added money to help pay monthly bills (e.g. rent/mortgage, utilities): 50


Percentage of Americans who said they are currently self-quarantining, up from 11% on March 15, according to a survey by SurveyMonkey: 50

Percentage who are worried that they or someone in their family will be infected with the virus, up from 57% on March 15: 80

Percentage of Americans who know someone who has been infected with the virus personally: 21

Percentage who are worried about the impact of the coronavirus on the national economy, up from 81% on March 15: 92

Source: Survey Monkey.

Percentage of small businesses that have not yet applied for their CARES Act relief but plan to, according to an Alignable Pulse Poll: 19.3

Of those who have applied, percentage who stated that their bank wasn't ready to accept applications: 11.1

Percentage who have been approved and are awaiting money: 4.9

Percentage who are awaiting approval: 63.8

Percentage who have received their money: 0.8

Source: Alignable.

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