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Figuratively Speaking For April 10, 2020

Percentage of Americans who believe that grocery workers should have guaranteed access to emergency paid sick days, according to a poll taken by LeanIn.Org: 72

Percentage who say pharmacy workers deserve the same thing: 71

Source: LeanIn.Org.

Although 31% of respondents to an ROI Rocket survey indicate they're "very concerned" about contracting the virus themselves, percentage who report taking appropriate precautions: 91

Ranks of washing hands for 20 seconds (89%) and social distancing/avoiding large crowds (81%) on the list of the most popularly reported precautions: 1, 2

Source: ROI Rocket.

In a survey by the creators of the dating app Crush, percentage of users who say they would meet potential love interests in person, despite global stay-at-home orders due to the spread of the coronavirus: 78

Among the respondents in favor of in-person meetups, percentage that are men: 63

Source: Crush.

Percentage of credit card holders, or about 110 million U.S. adults, who entered the coronavirus outbreak with credit card debt, according to a report: 59

Of those with credit card debt, percentage (representing 61 million people) who had been carrying that debt for at least one year: 56

Of those, number who had been carrying debt for at least three years: 27 million


Estimated percentage of business owners who say their businesses are hurting from the coronavirus, according to a survey by WalletHub: 87

Percentage of small-business owners who say their business can survive only for less than three months in current conditions: 35

Percentage who think that minimizing COVID-19 deaths is more important than reopening the economy: 79

Source: WalletHub.

Percentage of Americans who are concerned about their physical health, compared to 58% of Americans who are concerned about their mental health because of social distancing, according to findings of the America's Mental Health COVID-19 Pulse Study by Cohen Veterans Network: 70

Percentage who worry that people who need mental health services won't be able to get help: 80

Source: Cohen Veterans Network.

As a result of the coronavirus crisis, percentage of Americans who now agree with the statement that "we are all in it together," rather than "it's everyone for themselves" -- compared to just 63% in 2018, according to a survey by More in Common: 90

Percentage who now regard the country as "very divided," down from 62% in 2018: 22

Percentage of respondents who say nurses and doctors should be regarded as heroes: 84

Percentage who say the same for police officers, firefighters and emergency medical teams: 71

Percentage of Americans who say that they are more grateful for grocery store staff, with 65% saying they deserve to be regarded as heroes: 76

Source: More in Common.

Percentage of small businesses that say they've been negatively impacted by the coronavirus (up from 60% just two weeks ago), according to a poll by 90

Percentage that say they have less than one month's savings to keep them afloat: 37

Percentage that say they're not sure where else to turn for extra funding to stay in business: 65

Source: Alignable.

Percentage of investors who are worried they'll lose all of their retirement savings because of the coronavirus outbreak, according to research by LendingTree: 38

Percentage who said they've already lost money from investments during the pandemic (this does not include the 26% of respondents who weren't sure if they had lost money): 59

Percentage of respondents who said they're avoiding looking at their investment portfolio amid the coronavirus pandemic: 39

Source: LendingTree.

Percentage of American leisure and business travelers who said their travel had been upended by the virus, according to Destination Analysts' Coronavirus Travel Sentiment tracking study (collected March 27-29): 66

Percentage of American travelers who now say they will change the types of destinations they choose to visit after the coronavirus situation is resolved: 29

Source: Destination Analysts.

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