Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For February 28, 2020

With an eight-hour workday being the norm, number of hours per month the average employee loses to easily automatable tasks, according to a survey by OnePoll: 60

Percentage of office workers who would like their employers to automate more repetitive manual digital business processes: 87

Percentage who said they would consider leaving a job if this manual administrative load became too high: 55

Percentage who said they would be attracted to work at a company that invested in automation to reduce repetitive digital administration tasks: 85

Source: OnePoll.

Average cost of a major unexpected expense, according to a report by $3,518

Percentage of people who would use a credit card to cover it: 16

Percentage who would borrow from family: 14

Percentage who would take out a personal loan: 7


Percentage of their day that workers think they spend browsing social media, printing personal documents and buying concert tickets, among other personal chores, according to a survey by 72POINT: 30

Percentage who admit to having missed an important work deadline as a result of prioritizing nonwork-related tasks: 10

Percentage who have even been fired for engaging in the practice: 10

Percentage who think they'd be in trouble were their employer to check their internet history: 40

Source: 72Point/SWNS Digital.

Number of government impostor scams received by the Federal Trade Commission in 2019, an increase of more than 50% over 2018: 647,000

Percentage of U.S. adults who reported that they have been targeted by an impostor scam, according to an AARP survey: 47

Source: AARP.

Percentage of people who are concerned with the amount of technology in cars now compared to five years ago, according to a survey commissioned by ValuePenguin: 60

Percentage of Americans who said they would feel unsafe with self-driving cars on the road: 72


Percentage of millennials (aged 23 to 38) living in the U.S. who said that if given free time, they would most like to hit the road for a trip, according to a survey conducted by Kelton Global on behalf of Mazda: 39

Percentage who would choose to be a homebody for the weekend to binge media content: 26

Percentage who agree that road trips create quality time with their passengers: 64

Source: Mazda North American Operations.

Percentage of Americans who said that they would eat more plant-based foods if they had more information about the environmental impacts of their food choices, according to results from a national survey released by Earth Day Network and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication: 51

Although 4% of Americans self-identify as vegan or vegetarian, percentage who choose plant-based dairy alternatives about two to five times a week, or more often: 20

Percentage of Americans who think a meal with a plant-based main course is more expensive than a meal with a meat-based main course: 49

Source: Earth Day Network.

Percentage of women who subscribe to the mantra, "everything in moderation, including moderation," especially when it comes to their diet, according to a Truvia sweetener survey: 60

Percentage who agree veggie pizza should always count as a serving of vegetables: 71

Percentage who say they'd choose to replace one of the five basic food groups with an indulgence like baked goods, caffeine or alcohol: 70 plus

Percentage of respondents who say their first sip of coffee or tea in the morning is their daily moment of Zen: 80

Source: Truvia.

Of Americans in debt, percentage who said that if someone would develop a plan for them to get out of and stay out of debt, they would be willing to give up their favorite food for a month, according to a survey by Nationwide: 63

Percentage who would forgo their coffee and other forms of caffeine for 30 days: 49

Source: Nationwide.

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"While money can't buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery." -- Groucho Marx

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