Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For November 20, 2020

Percentage of consumers who plan to celebrate Thanksgiving in the comfort of their own home this year, according to a survey by Campbell Soup Co.: 65

Compared to a typical year, percentage of consumers who will celebrate Thanksgiving with fewer people: 50

Percentage who said mashed potatoes is one of their favorite Thanksgiving side dishes: 77

Source: Campbell Soup Co.

Percentage of people globally who now say that people will need to be more comfortable working remotely and in highly digital environments, according to the results of a survey conducted by Pearson: 90

Percentage who say that new kinds of jobs will arise from the pandemic, with almost 75% of people rethinking their own career path because of COVID-19: 82

Source: Pearson.

Percentage of Americans who plan to travel for Thanksgiving this year -- down 21 percentage points from 2019, according to a survey by 47

Of those not traveling, percentage who said COVID-19 impacted their plans: 59

Percentage of Thanksgiving travelers who will travel by car to their destination, with most trips happening close to home: 72


According to an Oracle retail survey, percentage of customers who are ready to venture back into stores this holiday season: 20

Percentage of holiday shoppers who plan to split purchases between online and brick-and-mortar shops: 47

Percentage who plan to make it as close as the parking lot, opting to retrieve orders curbside: 16

Source: Oracle.

Percentage of Americans who expect to plan and prepare their very first holiday meal this Thanksgiving, according to a survey conducted by Shipt: 25

Percentage who also indicated that COVID had shifted their holiday plans, likely having an impact on there being many first-time Thanksgiving meal preparers: 60

Source: Shipt.

Percentage of employees who would quit or look for another job after COVID-19, if no longer allowed to work remotely, according to Owl Labs/Global Workplace Analytics' Report: 50

Percentage who would stay, but be less willing to go the extra mile: 54

Out of employees who said they would stay, percentage who would expect a pay increase to make up for the additional costs: 44

Source: Owl Labs.

Percentage of American adults who said they will spend less money this year this holiday season, according to a survey by 66

Percentage who said their reasons were noneconomic: 60

Percentage who said, "I feel less pressure to buy gifts because of virtual celebrations": 37

Percentage who said, "I don't expect loved ones to spend much on me due to the pandemic": 23


Percentage of professionals who said they participate in virtual meetings -- spending nearly one-third of their workday (30%) on camera with business contacts or colleagues, according to a survey by Robert Half: 76

Percentage who said they've experienced video call fatigue since the start of the pandemic: 38

Percentage who noted that the practicality and novelty of videoconferencing has worn off over the past eight months: 26

Source: Robert Half Finance and Accounting

Percentage of respondents to a Conference Board survey who expect that 40% or more of their employees will work remotely (at least three days per week) up to 12 months post-pandemic (up from 5% prior to the pandemic), according to research for the Conference Board: 33

From October through December 2020, percentage of companies who plan to restructure the organization: 13

Percentage who plan to cut bonuses: 11

Percentage who plan to conduct permanent layoffs: 9

Percentage who plan to defer pay increases and bonuses: 8

Source: The Conference Board.

Percentage of small business decision-makers who say they will require an increase in sales and/or some manner of assistance to remain in business through the end of the year, according to a report: 53

Ranks of increased sales, government assistance and a loan on the list of requirements that small businesses need to survive: 1, 2, 3


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