Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For October 30, 2020

Percentage of employees who say working from home gives them more time with family/better work-life balance, according to Owl Labs/Global Workplace Analytics' Report: 72

Percentage who cited increased productivity/better focus: 70

Source: Owl Labs.

Percentage of moms who say that helping their child learn to be their most authentic self is most important—more important than raising a successful high-achiever or a person of high intelligence, according to Meredith Corp.'s first-ever parents values study: 28

Percentage of moms who are confident in their parenting and rate their skills as excellent or very good: 51

Source: Meredith.

In 2016, the percentage of voting age citizens who cast a vote in the U.S. general election, according to Pew Research: 61

Date upon which early voting in the 2020 general election surpassed 50% of the total vote in the U.S. election in 2016: Oct. 27

Source: Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.

Percentage of U.S. shoppers who say that free standard shipping is the No. 1 service they expect from brands and retailers this holiday season, according to findings from Episerver: 83

Source: Episerver.

Percentage of Americans who say they have achieved the American Dream, according to a survey by Zogby: 24

Percentage who said it is within reach: 26

Percentage who said it was slipping away: 19

Percentage who have lost hope: 18

Source: Zogby International.

Percentage of Americans who say that their cellphone is their most important belonging during the pandemic, according to a WalletHub survey: 50

Percentage of Americans who plan to reduce the cost of their cellphone due to the COVID-19 pandemic: 35

Source: WalletHub.

Between February 2020 and June 2020, the number by which unemployed individuals increased, from 2 million to 17.9 million, according to the Employment Benefits Research Institute: 15.9 million

Of those workers who lost jobs, number who also lost employer-sponsored health insurance: 7.7 million

Number of dependents for whom they are responsible: 6.9 million

Source: EBRI.

Percentage of Americans who report they won't be traveling to see friends and family this year, according to a survey by Travelocity: 60

Percentage who said they have a personal vacation planned later this year: 25

Source: Expedia.

Percentage of parents with children who believe it is important to be proficient with tech, according to a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of VTech: 88

Percentage who believe technology will shape who their child becomes: 87

Percentage who think technology allows their child to be creative in new and different ways, with the same number believing outlets for creative self-expression are important for their child's development: 85

Source: VTech Electronics.

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"Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity." -- Louis Pasteur, chemist and bacteriologist

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