Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For January 31, 2020

Including mortgages, credit cards and student loans, amount of debt owed by Americans, according to the New York Federal Reserve: $14 trillion

According to a recent survey conducted by Nationwide, percentage of Americans who are stressed thinking about their debt: 44

Percentage of respondents who said they feel a sense of relief and accomplishment when they pay off their debt: 54

Source: Nationwide.

Percentage of consumers who eat at fast-food restaurants once per month, according to RetailMeNot data: 86

Percentage who visit "fast casual" establishments: 67

Average cost per month of eating outside the home: $281


According to an ongoing Gallup Poll, percentage of Americans (totalling 45 million people) who stated they were utilizing CBD products and fewer opiates to aid with discomfort: 14

Source: Gallup Organization.

Ranks of Iceland, Norway and Finland on the list of countries where gender inequality -- the gap between men and women in terms of health, education, work and politics -- is the narrowest, according to the World Economic Forum: 1, 2, 3

Rank of the U.K.: 21

Rank of the U.S.: 53

Ranks of Pakistan, Iraq and Yemen (the bottom three): 151, 152, 153

Projected number of years it will take gender inequality to disappear altogether, according to the Forum: 99

Source: World Economic Forum.

Ranks of "lack of progression" and "low pay" on the list of reasons people quit their jobs, according to research by CareerAddict: 1, 2

Percentage who said they didn't regret leaving their jobs: 87

Percentage who also revealed they would consider returning if they were offered a better salary or a higher position: 35

Percentage of respondents who said their boss takes credit for their work: 50

Source: CareerAddict.

Percentage of Americans who say the media are important to American democracy, with over half saying they are very important, according to a survey conducted by Regina Corso Consulting: 85

Source: Regina Corso Consulting.

Percentage of professionals who said their company provides the option to work off-site, according to Robert Half: 47

Of those, percentage who take advantage of the perk and work from home: 70

Percentage who do their job from another location, such as a cafe or shared office space: 6

Source: Robert Half.

Percentage of workers who find digital administration boring and a poor use of their skills, according to research conducted by OnePoll: 48

Percentage who say it gets in the way of doing their main job: 51

Percentage who report that it reduces their overall productivity: 64

Ranks of general data entry, managing email traffic and filing digital documents -- such as documents, spreadsheets, images or PDFs -- into the correct digital folder on the list of the most-hated office tasks: 1, 2, 3

Source: OnePoll.

Ranks of dining out and travel/experiences on the list of categories that consumers are most likely to splurge on, as determined by 5W Public Relations in its 2020 consumer culture report: 1, 2

Source: 5W Public Relations.

Percentage of U.S. adults who have enough savings to cover a $1,000 emergency room visit or car repair, according to a report by 41

Percentage of adults (or their close family) who have experienced an unexpected expense in the past year: 28

Average cost of one: $3,518


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"Even the most beautiful scenery is no longer assured of our love after we have lived in it for three months, and some distant coast attracts our avarice: Possessions are generally diminished by possession." -- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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