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Figuratively Speaking For April 19, 2019

Percentage of U.S. travelers who admit to retouching their vacation photos to make them more likable on social media -- ahead of all the other countries surveyed, according to a survey by eDreams: 51

Percentage of U.S. travelers (the least cynical) who think that people who share photos on social media during their holiday are having a great time -- compared to just 20% of British travelers: 52

Source: eDreams.

Percentage of U.S. workers who would turn down a job that didn't offer flexible work -- defined as allowing workers management over their own hours and where they work from, at least some of the time -- according to research conducted by IWG: 80

Percentage of people who value being able to choose their work location over an increase in vacation time: 30

Source: IWG.

Percentage of people around the world who work in an "always on" culture, which causes stress and adversely affects both physical and mental well-being, according to the results of a Cigna 360 well-being survey: 64

Percentage of people who say they are stressed -- with 13% saying they are unable to cope with their stress: 84

Of the 46% who received stress management support from their employer, percentage who felt it was adequate: 28

Source: Cigna Corp.

Percentage of Americans who have attempted to get into shape before ever stepping foot into a gym, according to a study commissioned by Planet Fitness: 62

Percentage who said that fear of being judged keeps them away from fitness facilities altogether: 45

Source: Planet Fitness Inc.

Since 2001, percentage growth in the number of grandparents in the United States (from 56 million to 70 million), according to research by AARP: 24

Average amount that grandparents spend annually on their grandchildren, equaling approximately $179 billion per year: $2,562

Percentage of grandparents who provide some sort of financial support to their grandchild(ren): 94

Source: AARP.

Percentage of people who think it's more likely that they'll win the lottery than lose their home in a fire, according to an American Red Cross survey: 40

Odds of dying from exposure to fire or smoke: nearly one in 1,500

Odds of winning the lottery: one in millions

Source: American Red Cross.

Percentage of dog parents who agreed that their dog is their favorite member of the household, according to a survey commissioned by Merrick Pet Care: 69

Percentage who agree that their dog is a part of the family, and that their four-legged family members are enjoying the benefits of this special position in the household: 92

Source: Merrick Pet Care Inc.

Percentage of Americans who cited affording a down payment as the greatest financial barrier to homeownership, according to the latest Country Financial Security Index: 40

Percentage who say that rent is more affordable: 18

Percentage of respondents who reported putting down 10% or less of their mortgage loan on a new home purchase: 54

Percentage who said they put 5% or less of their mortgage loan on their down payment: 36

Source: Country Financial.

Percentage of car owners who said they like to listen to Bruce Springsteen -- the guy who wrote "Cadillac Ranch" and "Pink Cadillac" -- when they are preparing their vehicle for a road trip, according to a survey conducted on behalf of Car Care Council: 24

Ranks of Keith Urban, Bruno Mars, Jimmy Buffet and Lady Gaga on the list of musicians car owners listen to most while preparing for a road trip: 2, 3, 4, 5

Source: Car Care Council.

Percentage of global travelers who say they don't get enough information about delayed and canceled flights, according to aviation and data analytics experts at Cirium: 36

Percentage who have had to pay more to make alternative travel plans following a delayed flight: 36

In 2018, approximate number of flights that were delayed by over 30 minutes or canceled globally, affecting more than 470 million passenger journeys around the world: 3.9 million

Number of flights this equals per day: 10,700

Amount per year that flight delays and cancellations cost airlines globally in lost revenue, in addition to costs borne by their passengers: $30 billion

Source: Cirium.

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