Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For May 05, 2017

Average percentage pay boost planned by U.S. companies in 2017, according to research by SoFi: 3

Projected percentage inflation rate expected by economists, reflecting a downward trend in real wage growth: 2.3

Source: SoFi.

Percentage of credit card holders asking for a late fee waiver who were successful, according to a report: 87

Percentage requesting a lower interest rate who received one: 69


Percentage of CFOs who said they are at least somewhat motivated to become CEO of their organization, according to a Robert Half Management Resources survey: 64

When current CEOs were asked to select from a list of benefits they felt a CFO could bring to the role of CEO, ranks of "finance and data-driven decision-making," "fiscal management and efficiency improvement," and "economic and business awareness" among the choices made: 1, 2, 3

Source: Robert Half Management Resources.

Percentage of consumers who say they will be celebrating Mother's Day, according to the National Retail Federation's annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics: 85

Projected total spending: $23.6 billion

Source: NRF.

Percentage of Americans who believe parents today do not take enough responsibility for the behavior of their children (only South Africa is higher at 89 percent), according to an Ipsos Global Trends Survey: 87

Percentage of Japanese who think the same (the lowest): 60

Source: Ipsos Public Affairs.

Percentage of workers who said they've received bad career advice, according to an Accountemps survey: 66

Rank of friend (35 percent), parent (14 percent), sibling or family member (10 percent) on the list of those people from whom they had received bad advice: 1, 2, 3

Source: Accountemps.

Average number of hours per week that heavy gaming fans play: 15 plus

Average number of hours per week that heavy movie fans watch movies: 9 plus

Average number of hours per week heavy TV fans watch: 20 plus

Percentage of heavy TV fans who watch TV live, as it airs: 81

Source: FANDOM.

Percentage of Americans working in construction -- the industry that sees the most workplace fatalities each year -- who feel that safety takes a back seat to productivity and completing job tasks, according to a National Safety Council Survey: 58

Percentage who say management does only the minimum required by law to keep employees safe: 51

Percentage of respondents who say employees are afraid to report safety issues: 47

Source: National Safety Council.

Year of the first Kentucky Derby, making it the oldest continuously held major sporting event in the United States, according to research by WalletHub: 1875

Number of horses who have won the Triple Crown: 12 (including 2015's American Pharoah)

Percentage of female attendees who wear a hat: 90

Number of mint juleps served over Kentucky Derby weekend: 127,000

Source: WalletHub.

When it comes to pretzel consumption, percentage of consumers who eat the curves first, according to a survey conducted by Superpretzel: 65

Percentage who go right for the knot: 17

When it comes to pretzel toppings, percentage of respondents who prefer cheese: 28

Percentage who like mustard or chocolate: 17

Percentage who like butter: 6

Source: JandJ Snack Foods Co.

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