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Figuratively Speaking For March 03, 2017

Percentage of workers who said that communication and diplomacy skills are areas where their managers most need improvement, according to a survey by Robert Half Management Resources: 30

Percentage who cited greater technical expertise was needed: 18

Percentage who said leadership: 17

Source: Robert Half Management Resources.

A decade after the emergence of smartphones, Facebook and Twitter, percentage of adults in the U.S. who report that they constantly or often check their email, texts and social media accounts, according to a American Psychological Association report: 86

On a 10-point scale, where 1 is "little or no stress" and 10 is "a great deal of stress," average reported overall stress level for constant checkers: 5.3

Average reported overall stress level for those who don't check as frequently: 4.4

Among employed Americans who check their work email constantly on their days off, reported overall stress level is even higher: 6.0

Source: American Psychological Association.

Percentage of U.S. adults who have trouble sleeping at least once a week, according to a Packaged Facts survey: 82

Number of "troubled sleepers" this represents out of 249 million adults in the United States: 206 million

Estimated annual cost of insomnia, with the majority being spent on indirect costs, such as poorer workplace performance, increased health care use and increased accident risk: $100 billion

Source: Packaged Facts.

Percentage of Americans who say they are planning on searching for a home to purchase within the next three years, including 13 percent who are currently in the process of looking, according to a study conducted for Zillow: 39

Percentage who are planning to finance the purchase with a mortgage: 81

Percentage who will buy the house with cash: 19

Source: Zillow.

Percentage of millennials who identify as savers, according to the TD Ameritrade Millennials and Money survey: 62

Percentage who have a budget: 80

Percentage who have an emergency fund: 51

Source: TD Ameritrade Holding Corp.

Percentage of human resources managers who said it's important for employees to have a high emotional quotient, because it helps them manage their own emotions and understand and react to the emotions of others, according to a survey by OfficeTeam: 95

Percentage of employees who believe EQ is more valuable in the workplace than IQ: 21

Percentage who said the two are equally important: 65

Source: OfficeTeam.

Percentage of women over the age of 25 who plan to have children but are postponing starting a family to focus on their career, compared to 79 percent of men, according to a CareerBuilder survey: 83

Rank of "wanting to earn and save enough money to provide for their family" on the list of the top reasons given by both women and men who plan to have children later on: 1

Rank of "the desire to become more established and get ahead in their career" on the list: 2


After safety in an accident, reliability, fuel economy and low running costs, percentage of the online population across 17 countries who see having the latest driver technology in a vehicle (e.g., steering or parking assist, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry or ignition) as "very important," according to global researcher GfK: 35

Percentage who say the same for the latest passenger technology (audio or video streaming, social network connectivity, etc.): 28

Source: GfK Custom Research North America.

Year that the case of Auguste Herman (born in Bohemia, in present-day Czech Republic, and not a British subject) became an item of government involvement as the Maryland colonial assembly approved his application for citizenship, potentially making him the first naturalized citizen in America: 1666

In today's population of over 322 million, estimated number of citizens who are foreign-born: 19 million

Source: U.S. Census Bureau.

Value of the global hybrid cars market in 2015, according to Transparency Market Research: $103 billion

Projected market value by 2024: $398 billion

Source: Transparency Market Research.

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