Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For March 24, 2017

Percentage of workers who say that the extra perk of half-day Fridays would make them more willing to join or stay with a company, according to a new CareerBuilder survey: 40

Percentage who said an onsite fitness center: 27

Percentage who said being able to wear jeans: 23

Percentage who cited daily catered lunches: 22


When asked to imagine their life in 20 years, percentage of Gen Xers who still see themselves traveling or vacationing, according to a study conducted by Ipsos on behalf of MDVIP: 67

Percentage who would pursue personal passions or hobbies: 59

Percentage who see themselves socializing with friends or actively meeting new people: 52

Percentage who believe that they will still be sexually active: 49

Source: Ipsos Public Affairs.

Percentage of occupied housing units across the country primarily heated by wood, according to research by the U.S. Census Bureau: 2

Percentage of occupied housing units across the country using solar energy as their primary source of heat: 1

Percentage of occupied housing units across the country primarily heated by utility gas: 48

Source: U.S. Census Bureau.

Percentage of shoppers who believe they're more knowledgeable than retail store associates, according to a survey from Tulip Retail: 83

Percentage who say knowledgeable store associates are "important" or "very important": 79

Percentage of consumers who believe physical retail locations will be part of the shopping journey in the future: 64

Source: Tulip Retail.

Percentage of employees who browse Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets while at work, according to a poll conducted by ComPsych Corp.: 78

When employees were asked how many times a day they checked their social media, percentage who selected "0 times per day": 12

Percentage who selected "1-5 times per day": 60

Source: ComPsych.

Percentage of today's workforce that has been unable to progress in their careers due to a lack of skills, training or certifications, according to a survey commissioned by Wyzant and 48

Percentage of workers who feel that opportunities for advancement in their industry are simply passing them by: 67

Percentage who say that if access to professional training and education were not an issue, they would prefer to work in another industry: 61

Source: Toluna QuickSurveys.

Percentage of CIOs who said their companies are early adopters of technology, according to research from Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group: 17

Percentage of technology executives who agreed it's at least somewhat important for leaders in their department to try out technical innovations: 94

Source: Robert Half Technology.

Ranks of print ads in newspapers and magazines, TV ads, direct mail and online pop-ups on the list of the most trusted advertising channel when consumers are making a purchase decision, according to Marketing Sherpa: 1, 2, 3, 4

Source: MarketingSherpa.

Percentage of employed adults across the globe who value their job over a good night's sleep, according to the results of an international survey conducted for Philips: 10

Percentage who say that some things (including spending time with their spouse or partner, family, friends and job) takes precedence over a good night's sleep: 80

Source: Philips Sleep and Respiratory Care.

Percentage of BarkHappy app users who feed their dogs dry food vs. other types such as canned or wet food, according to a survey by BarkHappy: 60

Percentage of dog owners who feed their pets table scraps or bites of their own food, according to a survey by BarkHappy: 60

Source: BarkHappy.

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