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Figuratively Speaking For June 14, 2015

Percentage of single men who would date a woman who makes considerably more money than they do, according to a survey by 87

Percentage of single women who don't care if a man makes as much money as they do: 51

Percentage of women who would not date someone who has considerable debt: 63


Percentage of CFOs who say being distracted during meetings (checking smartphone, writing emails, etc.) is the No. 1 etiquette breach by employees, according to an Accountemps survey: 27

Percentage who say gossiping about others in the office: 18

Percentage who say not responding to calls or emails in a timely way: 18

Source: Accountemps.

Percentage of parents who use saving as their top strategy to fund their children's education, according to College Savings Foundation: 45

Percentage who use scholarships, grants or direct aid: 30

Percentage who use loans or borrow money: 15

Source: College Savings Foundation.

Percentage of employers who say are hiring seasonal workers this summer, according to a Careerbuilder survey: 36

Percentage of employers offering jobs that pay twice the minimum wage: 53

Percentage of employers who would consider making their summer jobs permanent: 77


Percentage of millennials who say they have a love affair with their car, according to a survey by 27

Percentage who believe the car is an extension of themselves: 48

Percentage who say they have named their car: 29

Source: Auto

Percentage of brides-to-be who say they would prefer a memorable proposal over a ring they absolutely adore, according to a poll by David's Bridal: 56

Percentage who would settle for a lousy proposal so long as it involved the perfect hardware: 44

Percentage of respondents who are in favor of the ring selfie on social media: 60

Percentage who post a photo within an hour of saying "yes": 37

Source: David's Bridal Inc.

Percentage by which vinyl record sales increased in the U.S. since 2009, according to a report by Nielsen: 260

Ranks of the Beatles' "Abbey Road," Mumford & Sons "Sign No More" and Bon Iver's "For Emma Forever Ago" as the top-selling vinyl albums: 1, 2, 3

Source: Nielsen Insights.

Number of years of life a smoker loses, on average, according to the American Cancer Society: 5.1

Number of people tobacco is expected to kill this century: 1 billion

Source: American Cancer Society.

Ranks of the financial situation of children and grandchildren, aging parents and health of spouse as the top three concerns of high-income women, according to the Spectrem Group: 1, 2, 3

Source: Spectrem Group.

Percentage of Americans who sometimes look at the nutritional information on food and beverage items, according to data by 87

Percentage who prefer fewer and simpler ingredients in their groceries: 67

Source: Packaged Facts.

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