Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For November 15, 2015

Number of hours the average worker in the United States works each year, according to YouGov's latest research: 1,789

Number of hours the average worker in the United Kingdom works each year: 1,677

Number of hours the average worker in Germany works each year (lowest average in the developed world): 1,371

Source: YouGov.

Percentage of octogenarians who say their financial well-being was among the most important factors when deciding when to retire, according to a survey of octogenarians conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs on behalf of New York Life: 68

Percentage who cited their health: 53

Percentage who cited their age: 42

Source: Ipsos Public Affairs.

Negative impact on the lodging industry and the broader economy of New York City over the course of the last year caused by Airbnb's operations, according to a report by the Hotel Association of New York City: $2.1 billion

Source: Hotel Association of New York City Inc.

Percentage of U.S. adults who now have a cellphone of some kind, according to a Pew Research Center report: 92

Percentage of those cellphone owners who say that their phone is frequently with them: 90

Percentage who say they rarely turn it off: 45

Source: Pew Research Center's Social & Demographic Trends.

Of Americans who did not identify themselves as "highly efficient," percentage who say that efficient people make them jealous, according to data released by 33

Percentage of women who credited time management as their top reason for efficiency: 44

Rank of the ability to use technology and having their gadgets/technology working properly on the list of reasons men credit for their efficiency: 1


Percentage of computer repair calls that are caused by Windows 10, according to the 2015 Q3 Computer Repair Report by RESCUECOM: 56

Percentage that are caused by viruses, spyware and malware: 11.3


Percentage of administrative workers who said they have skills that are not being tapped, according to a survey by OfficeTeam and the International Association of Administrative Professionals: 50

Ranks of event planning (78 percent) and controlling costs (66 percent) on the list of the top areas where administrative workers say they've been asked for help: 1, 2

Source: OfficeTeam.

Year that the first medical school for women opened in Boston, according to the U.S. Census Bureau: 1848

At the time, number of students enrolled: 12

Today in the U.S., percentage of all college students who are female: 56

Percentage of the doctorates in health professions awarded each year that are earned by women: 58

Source: U.S. Census Bureau.

Percentage of questions sent via Twitter that retailers were able to answer, according to research from Eptica: 20

Percentage of questions sent via Facebook they were able to answer: 54

Percentage of emails to which they replied successfully: 73

On average, number of times faster than social media that email responses were answered: 3

Source: Eptica.

Percentage of business-to-business marketing and sales executives globally who cited the sales process (making sure salespeople know what to do and how to do it when it comes to managing accounts and opportunities) as the area in which their company spends the most time and budget, according to a survey by Corporate Visions: 34

Percentage who said product training (reps are taught to know their solutions' capabilities and features in a way that makes them an expert source) is the area where their company spends the most time and budget: 27

Source: Corporate Visions Inc.

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