Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For September 18, 2011

For every five people looking for work, number of job openings available, according to the Center for Law and Social Policy: l

Number of workers (32 percent of the 14 million unemployed workers) who have been out of work for a year or more: 4.5 million

Number who have been unemployed for six months to a year: 1.7 million

Source: CLASP.

Ranks of the University of Cambridge, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the list of the QS World University Rankings based on six indicators, including surveys of more than 33,000 global academics and 16,000 graduate employers: 1, 2, 3

Number of American universities in the top 20: 13

Source: QS World University Rankings.

Percentage of working moms who say they spend more time each day parenting than on their careers, according to a survey commissioned by VTech: 48

Percentage of working dads who say the same: 19

Percentage of working moms who report that they have an hour or less to themselves each day: 70

Percentage who report that they have less than 15 minutes: 20

Source: VTech Electronics.

Even with the current national unemployment rate hovering at just over 9 percent, percentage of U.S. adults who reported that the spirit of the U.S. workforce is broken, according to a survey released by Aflac: 35

Percentage of employed adults who reported that their paycheck is the majority of the reason they work: 69

Percentage of adults employed full- or part-time, and not currently self-employed, who stated they would leave their current position to become an independent entrepreneur: 77

Source: Aflac Inc.

Percentage of cloth diapering families who say they only use cloth diapers and never/rarely use disposables, according to a survey by 79

Percentage of respondents who say they own 31 or more cloth diapers, even though most manufacturers recommend needing to have only about 20 diapers on hand: 44

Ranks of saving money, being more eco-friendly and health of baby on the list of reasons families choose to cloth diaper: 1, 2, 3


Number of states that have had teen unemployment rates averaging more than 20 percent through the summer of 2011, according to a new Employment Policies Institute analysis of jobs data: 35

Ranks of the District of Columbia, Nevada and California on the list of highest state unemployment for 16- to 19-year-olds: 1, 2, 3

Source: Employment Policies Institute.

Percentage of consumers who say they find online channels trustworthy sources for product and service reviews, according to the 20ll Cone Online Influence Trend Tracker: 89

Percentage of consumers who have changed their minds about a recommended purchase based solely on negative information they found online, up from just 67 percent of consumers who said the same in 2010: 80

Source: Cone.

Percentage of students who strongly agreed that college is an investment in the future, an increase from 84 percent in 2010, according to a Sallie Mae national study of college students and parents: 90

Percentage of students and parents who strongly agreed that a college education is necessary for their desired occupation, and that college is required to earn more, up from 63 amd 59 percent, respectively, in 2010: 70

Source: Sallie Mae.

Percentage of employed Americans who have changed jobs in the last year, up 4 percentage points from 2010, according to the fifth-annual Labor Happiness Index commissioned by SnagAJob: 22

Of those who have landed a new job in the last year, percentage who said it was a proactive move on their part in seeking a new opportunity, up 13 percentage points from the previous survey: 44

Percentage of working Americans who say that the most important issue facing the country today is the economy, up 8 percentage points from last year, and the highest reading in the five-year survey: 66


Percentage of executives who say they are planning to hire professional-level staff in the fourth quarter of 2011, according to the Robert Half Professional Employment Report: 12

Percentage who foresee making cutbacks: 5

Source: Robert Half Management Resources.

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