Figuratively Speaking for April 18, 2010

Percentage of Americans who believe that more than half of every tax dollar is wasted, according to a Gallup Poll: 35

Percentage who said a number between 26 and 50 cents: 33

Source: Gallup.

Number of times more per month that men who shave regularly (five times a week or more) enjoy sex than do infrequent shavers, according to the Schick Skin-dex survey, a national research poll conducted by StrategyOne: 2

On average, amount they earn more per year than infrequent shavers, also making them more likely to own luxury items: $15,100

Source: Schick Skin-dex.

Percentage of highly engaged respondents (895 technology stakeholders and critics) who agreed with the statement that "by 2020, innovative forms of online cooperation will result in significantly more efficient and responsive governments, business, non-profits and other mainstream institutions," according to a survey fielded by the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project and Elon University's Imagining the Internet Center: 72

Source: Pew Internet and American Life Project.

Percentage of U.S. adults who say they or a family member has lost a job in the past year, according to the results of a survey by Zogby: 27

Percentage of the unemployed who have been out of work for more than a year: 59

Source: Zogby International.

Percentage of retailers (realizing that the relationship between retail employees and customers is high on the list of critical success factors for the industry) who rank leadership development as critical to their organizations' success, according to the Deloitte/National Retail Federation Survey: 83

Percentage of retailers who said they do not have the HR technology (e.g., candidate identification, learning and training systems) to support talent management within their organizations: 41

Source: Deloitte LLP.

Percentage of workers who think there is "just the right amount" of tension in their place of work, according to a survey by Healthy Companies International: 41

Percentage who said there's too much tension in their workplace: 25

Source: Healthy Companies International.

Percentage of total compensation for CEOs that is made up by equity compensation, according to a study of 76 early tax filers with revenues greater than $10 billion by Steven Hall and Partners: 56

Percentage that are bonuses and other cash-based incentives: 24

Percentage that is base salary: 20

Source: Steven Hall and Partners.

Rank of "employees not getting raises" on the list of the most difficult aspects of the current recession, according to a survey from the International Association of Administrative Professionals: 1

Of those surveyed, percentage of workers who said they haven't gotten a raise: 27

Source: International Association of Administrative Professionals.

Percentage of financial advisers who say their clients are not concerned with covering basic needs in retirement, but rather with having to give up luxuries such as traveling and dining out -- and that this concern is a driving motivation behind working longer, according to a survey released by MainStay Investments: 61

Percentage of advisers who also cited loss of assets in late 2008 and early 2009 as a reason clients are postponing retirement: 46

Source: MainStay Investments.

Number of job seekers for every available position in March, down from 6 candidates per opportunity the previous month, according to the U.S. Department of Labor: 5.4

Source: ClearRock.

Idle Thought

"No man is a hero to his valet." -- Madame Cornuel, society hostess

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