Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For April 05, 2009

When managers become stressed, percentage less likely their employees are to feel valued, when compared to employees working for unstressed managers, according to a survey from Sirota Intelligence: 7

Percentage less likely they are to feel recognized: 6

Percentage less likely they are to feel their managers are "walking-their-talk": 6

Source: Sirota Survey Intelligence.

Given the current state of the economy, average number of months that a senior manager can be out of work before his or her career prospects are adversely affected, according to a survey of executives developed by Robert Half Management Resources: 9

Source: Robert Half Management Resources.

Percentage of Americans who cite quality of goods and trust in the brand as their criteria for buying a product, according to survey by The Body Shop: 70

Percentage who say they purchase based on the ethical reputation of a company: 39

Percentage who say price and value are their criteria for purchase: 38

Source: The Body Shop International.

Percentage of Americans who say they have started at least one small business, according to a survey by 30

Percentage who have thought about starting their own business at some point in their lives: 31


Percentage of travelers who consider checked bags the most annoying airline fee, according to a TripAdvisor flier survey: 54

Percentage of fliers who have been surprised by the cost of checked baggage fees at the airport: 36

Percentage who said they always carry on a bag to avoid additional fees: 19

Percentage who said they often do: 39

Source: TripAdvisor.

Percentage of Americans who are concerned they or someone they know will face foreclosure in the next six to 12 months, according to a survey commissioned by Move Inc., the operator of 52

Percentage of homeowners who plan to take advantage of the administration's new program to help prevent foreclosures: 18.9

While searching for answers in the past 12 months, percentage of all homeowners with a mortgage who contacted a lender to restructure their loan: 21

Source: Move Inc.

Percentage of Americans who believe that their boss's management style brings out the best in their work, according to a "WorkWatch" survey, released by global staffing agency Randstad: 51

Percentage who said that their boss is respected for his/her business expertise, but doesn't have people skills: 38

Source: Ranstad.

Percentage of Americans who said small business leaders and entrepreneurs will lead the U.S. to a better future, according to a We Media/Zogby survey: 63

Percentage who said the same of science and technology leaders: 52

Source: Zogby International.

Projected percentage decline in Easter holiday expenditures, according to industry research firm IBISWorld: 8

Estimated total sales from Easter clothing, candy, flowers, decorations, food and greeting cards in 2009: $13.6 billion (down from $14.8 billion in 2008)

Projected percentage rise in supermarket food sales as families prepare their holiday meals at home, rather than dining out: 3.5

Source: Mom Central Inc.

Percentage drop in prices for hotel rooms in North America last year, according to the's Hotel Price Index: 12

Percentage drop in prices for hotel rooms in Europe: 10

Percentage drop in the Caribbean and Latin America: 7

Percentage drop in Asia: 2


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