Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For June 22, 2008

Rank of the Japanese, British and Germans as the overall best tourists, according to the findings of a global survey of hoteliers by Expedia: 1, 2 (tie)

Rank of Americans overall: 11

Rank of the Americans, Canadians and Russians as the most generous: 1, 2, 3

Rank of the Americans as those who lead the way with putting effort into learning a few key sayings in the local language and sampling local delicacies: 1

Source: Expedia.

Rank of Hong Kong (.hk) as the most dangerous country to surf and search on the Web, according to a McAfee survey: 1

Rank of People's Republic of China (.cn), Philippines (.ph), Romania (.ro) and Russia (.ru) on the list of dangerous surfing places: 2, 3, 4, 5

Percentage increase over 2007 in the chance of downloading spyware, adware, viruses or other unwanted software: 41.5

Source: McAfee Inc.

Percentage of workers who report they have taken office supplies for personal use in the past year, according to a Spherion Workplace Snapshot survey: 19

Of those who admit to having stolen office supplies, percentage who felt guilty or regretted the act: 22

Percentage of workers who feel it is wrong to take office supplies: 74

Source: Spherion.

Percentage increase in the number of stay-at-home dads over the past decade, according to the Census Bureau: 50

Percentage of fathers who say being a stay-at-home dad is more challenging than their career, according to an Adecco USA Workplace Insights survey: 64

Percentage of mothers who agree: 71

Source: Adecco.

Number of television channels that the average U.S. home now receives, according to a report from The Nielsen Co.: 118.6.

Percentage of these channels that the average household tunes in to for at least 10 minutes per week: 13

Source: Nielsen Media Research - Communications.

Percentage of Americans who believe it is likely 100 or more of the current 535 incumbent members of Congress have had extramarital affairs, according to a survey by Wilson Research Strategies: 52

Percentage who believe 300 or more have had an extramarital affair: 25

Percentage who say nearly all (500 or more): 11

Source: Wilson Research Strategies.

Percentage of baby boomers who seem eager to retire, according to a survey of senior HR executives in North America by Novations Group: 14

Percentage who seem no more eager to retire than previous age groups: 42

Source: Novations Group Inc.

Percentage of business travelers who are now staying at less-expensive/lower-star-rated hotels to save on travel costs, according to a survey by Orbitz for Business and Business Traveler Magazine: 68

Percentage of business travelers and corporate travel managers who are feeling some degree of pressure to cut travel expenses: 79

Percentage of companies that are tightening their travel policies and implementing more restrictions on travelers for hotels and dining: 41

Source: Orbitz.

Percentage of inbound phone leads that are lost by most marketing companies, according to SecondApproach services: 60 to 80

Percentage of small and medium businesses that would pay for better online visibility and customer information: 50

Source: Targus.

Percentage of Americans who support the development and funding of solar energy, according to findings reported in the Schott Solar Barometer: 94

Percentage of Americans who feel that the development of solar power and other renewable energy sources should be a major priority of the federal government: 77

Source: SCHOTT North America, Inc.

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