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Figuratively Speaking For November 09, 2008

Percentage of shoppers who would discontinue shopping at a particular store if they believe the store is not clean, according to a study conducted by MARC Research: 18

Percentage of consumers who consider a clean shopping environment as extremely important: 46

Ranks of grocery stores, drugstores and department stores as the stores that could see the largest impact on sales if there is an unclean environment: 1, 2, 3

Source: MARC Research.

Rank of silver on the list of the most popular car colors globally -- capturing 20 percent in North America, 35 percent in Europe and 37 percent in Asia/Pacific Rim, according to data released by PPG Industries: 1

In North America, ranks of silver (20 percent), white (18 percent) and black (17) on the list: 1, 2, 3

Source: PPG Industries.

Percentage of women working in an office who claim to like or love their computer, with the average woman spending nearly triple the amount of time daily with her computer than with her significant other, according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Wellgate for Women: 96

On the relationship side, percentage of female office workers who claim their significant other thinks they spend too much time with their computer: 10

Source: Harris Interactive.

Percentage of employees who would do something to impress their boss, according to a workplace survey by Randstad USA: 72

Percentage who would take on additional work or responsibilities to make an impression: 57

Percentage who would work overtime to create more job security: 47

Source: Randstad-USA.

Percentage of Americans who are taking out more cash advances on their credit cards than they did in the past, according to the results of a survey by Standard and Poor's about how American consumers use credit cards to manage personal debt: 10

Percentage of respondents who indicate they are "sometimes" (14 percent) or "always" (6 percent) unable to pay their credit card and/or loan balances each month: 20

Percentage who say they can only make the minimum payment required: 8

Source: Standard and Poor's ExecuComp.

Estimated percentage of the contracts that federal agencies were supposed to give to small businesses that actually were diverted to Fortune 500 firms, according to a recent story by The Washington Post: 40

In a sample review by The Washington Post of $13 billion in federal contracts that were reported as going to small businesses, value of the contracts that had actually been awarded to Fortune 500 firms such as Lockheed Martin, Dell Computer, L-3 Communications, SAIC, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics and British Aerospace (BAE): $5 billion

Source: American Small Business League.

Percentage of college students who said their buying decisions are frequently influenced by discounts, according to a national survey by Campus Entertainment and the National Association for Campus Activities: 74

Percentage who are influenced by coupons: 48

Percentage who admit that their decisions are often influenced by recommendations from friends on social networks such as Facebook or MySpace: 40

Source: Campus Entertainment LLC.

Percentage of chief information officers (CIOs) who said rising workloads are the greatest source of stress for their teams, according to a survey developed by Robert Half Technology: 36

Percentage who cited the pace of new technology: 22

Percentage who said office politics: 18

Source: Robert Half Technology.

Estimated percentage of Americans who report their family has had problems paying medical bills in the past year, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll: 33

Percentage of the public who report that someone in their family is skipping pills, postponing or cutting back on medical care they needed in the past year due to the cost of care: 47

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation.

Percentage of working Americans who have been interrupted by a work-related phone call or e-mail while in the bathroom, according to a survey commissioned by Nokia: 53

Percentage who have been interrupted while on a date: 23

Percentage of working Americans who never turn off their mobile device: 59

Source: Nokia.

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