Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For October 19, 2008

Percentage of organizations that offer cell phones to executives as a perk, according to the Executive Compensation 2008/2009 survey conducted by Compdata Surveys: 60.2

Percentage of companies that provide laptops or home PCs: 43.8

Source: Compdata Surveys.

Percentage of people who said they manage the stress of tough times by spending more hours with loved ones and on leisure pursuits, according to the Dice Report, the leading career Web site for technology and engineering professionals: 84

Percentage who are taking more time with friends, family or on hobbies: 21

Percentage who are either running, walking or riding: 26

Percentage who are turning their Blackberries off and their Tivos on: 7

Source: Dice Report.

Percentage of Americans who have a "loving and joyful" marriage, according to the findings of a national survey commissioned by Parade: 50

Percentage who admitted they remain married either because of financial reasons or because "it's too much trouble to get out": 30

Source: Parade Magazine.

Percentage of renters who have always rented, according to a national survey conducted by 70

Percentage who have been renting for 10 or more years: 37

Percentage of renters who live alone: 35


Average amount of life insurance coverage on insured husbands, according to a survey commissioned by Heritage Union: $235,600

When asked how much life insurance they thought was enough, percentage of respondents who said they would need between $400,000 and $1 million: 23

Percentage who thought that $11,001 to $100,000 would be sufficient: 22

Source: Heritage Union.

Percentage of Americans who rate now as a bad time to find a quality job, according to a Gallup study: 82

Percentage who felt this way in October 2007: 56

Source: Gallup.

Percentage of Americans who say they believe in ghosts, according to a survey conducted by AP-Ipsos: 34

Percentage of Americans who say they believe in spells or witchcraft: 19

Percentage of Americans who say they have woke up from sleep with a sense of strange presence in the room: 30

Source: The Associated Press and Ipsos.

Percentage of leaders who think retaining key employees is even more important during an economic downturn than it is in a robust economy, according to a study by Personnel Decisions International: 93

Percentage of companies that maintain a list of key employees who they need to retain: 68

Source: PDI.

Percentage of small business owners who said that they see developing new business as their No. 1 challenge through the remainder of the year, according to the results of a survey conducted for ING Direct's ShareBuilder 401(k): 57

Percentage who cited "access to cash" as the second greatest challenge they face: 18

Percentage who are raiding retirement accounts for cash: 16

Source: ING Direct's Sharebuilder 401(k).

In 1998, estimated number of people ("Cyberchondriacs") who went online for health care information at least once, according to a Harris poll: 54 million

Number of people who did so in 2007: 160 million

Average number of times per month cyberchondriacs look for health care information: 4.8

Source: Harris Interactive.

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