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by Abigail Van Buren

Man Says Pandemic Prevents Couple From Meeting in Person

DEAR ABBY: I met a man online seven months ago. We hit it off right away. I checked to make sure he wasn't a "catfisher" and everything checked out. We talk on the phone at least twice a day, Facebook Messenger and video chat. He sent me a card for my birthday along with some money.

I have developed strong feelings for him, and he has told me he loves me. He has told me many times he wants to meet, but we couldn't do it because of the pandemic. He's a jewelry designer trying to get his business back up before he loses it. He's afraid to lose everything.

I don't know what to do. Should I keep waiting or just stay friends with him? We really care about each other, but circumstances prevent us from meeting. -- BROKENHEARTED IN NEW YORK

DEAR BROKENHEARTED: Because "circumstances" prevent you from meeting this man in person, try hard to regain your balance and stay friends. Although you think you know him, until you finally meet in person, you really don't. Even if you confirmed he works in jewelry design, he may still be hiding something from you. Often when a significant other keeps making excuses not to meet, there's a good reason for it and not always what you want to hear.

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